questionsdid you hear burger king is gonna sell a bacon…


Hasn't this been done before by someone else? Jack-In-The-Box maybe? Or was that a milkshake? Either way, I think the general public was saying "Meh".


Jack-in-the-Box did a milkshake, it was super disgusting.

I'd totally be up for a bacon sundae. The saltiness of the bacon compliments the sweetness of the ice cream and toppings nicely. I'd probably skip the cherry and only eat the sundaes once in a blue moon though.


I'm down. Ice cream never had enough saturated fat anyway; it's practically healthy by itself. Let's get real here.


Gross. Disgusting. What is this (fairly) recent obsession with all things Bacon? Did anyone else notice that it appeared about the same time Angry Birds did? Or is that just my imagination? .


I would probably try one but I'm not sure if I'd finish it, it sounds pretty damned nasty.


I personally would not, but know a bunch of people who would.

P.S. - My co-worker picked up a burger for lunch today that had peanut butter and bacon on it.


@jsimsace: Denny's did it. They had an entire bacon menu. Thankfully I only know this because I remember the commercials.


This is why we can't have nice things, America.

We took something perfectly delicious like a sundae and let burger king throw bacon on it and sell it for 3 bucks.

This is why Bloomberg won't let us have 16oz sodas.


Eh... the sugar in it sounds worse than the fat content.

I eat various other "sweet" and meat" dishes, e.g. sloppy joes, so I don't see the combination of bacon and ice cream as a bad thing in and of itself. (Has anyone tried Wendy's Fries dipped in Frosty? It is really good.)

In truth, I'd say the fact that it is from Burger King is more of a turn off than its description (not that Burger King is all that bad... just that it is worse than the idea of bacon on a sundae.)


If it's cheaper than Ex-Lax, I'm in.....


I tried the Bacon Sundae at Denny's a while back. It was actually really good. Only ever had one though, I can't imagine how bad it is for you, haha. The saltiness of the bacon is amazing with the hot fudge and vanilla ice cream. Mmmm.


Why must America put bacon on everything? I do not understand this.

And why, when you politely tell a restaurant that no, you do not eat pig in any form are they so freaking difficult about substituting something else. It's oddly more expensive to get a side of eggs and a side of potatoes then these ridiculous meals that everyone from 24hr diners to upscale cafes seem to have, but if I don't want meat, and want something else it's like it's the end of the world.

These places do know that they purchase both eggs and potatoes and their terrible fruit for cheaper than they do the meat right? Even at non-wholesale prices everything is cheaper then the meat. They all know that. But they don't have a button on the register or something and so they all freak out.

I do not understand bacon. What is it with all the bacon?? It plagues me so.

No, no turkey bacon. No bacon. Why all the bacon?


I just read the article....people actually ate that taco? With the doritos instead of the shell and all that other....

I'm not even going to get into the Krispy Kreme thing....Paula Deen has problems.

Who eats these things?


I think bacon has jumped the shark. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love me some bacon, but restaurants/food manufacturers are putting it in everything without regard for taste.
And now we're so inundated with bacon everything--bacon soap, bacon t-shirts, bacon-scented tampons--and the really good bacon products wind up getting lumped together with all the trend whores trying to make a quick buck.

When done right, the sweet/savory combination of bacon and sugar works. Vosges's Mo's Bacon Bar is pretty dang good. But this. . . this just sounds gross.


I also had the Denny's bacon sundae and it was pretty darn good. Don't know how this will compare, however.

That being said, one of the most genius desserts I ever had was chocolate-covered bacon with a caramel Sriracha dipping sauce. Hot. Sweet. Salty. Amazing!

Maybe that's what BK should be selling.


Only if it's not the bacon they use on their sandwiches. That stuff is ridiculous. The fact that they're allowed to call it bacon is shocking.


"Would you buy a bacon sundae? Burger King is betting you will."

I bet I won't. Let's see who wins the bet.


Probably not, but I'm amused they're hopping on that trend finally.


I am all over anything that has both bacon, ice cream and chocolate sauce in one delicious package!


@curli76: there's bacon soap? please tell me your kidding