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@rlapid2112: yah, i figured it out! thank yo :)


What exactly is a Woot off?


@rlapid2112: and @wootgurl: That monkey has been offered before, it's not the new monkey. In most Woot-off's there is a new monkey at some point.


@w00tgurl: That was a giant monkey, if I were a betting person I would lay odds on screaming monkeys later on.


@xdavex: if i missed the monkey, i might as well start crying now!


No crying if you miss BOC due to operator error or server crash. Second scenario most likely to happen. Good luck and better luck next time.


@tiamat114: excited for my first bag-o-crap and a monkey! only on woot can this not be offensive!


I've noticed some of the more interesting and curiosity arousing items seem to come about an hour after the BoC has gone by, so even if you miss it, stay tuned.


They get rid of all the overstock and it usually has BOC at sometime in the afternoon of one of the days.


@wilcononomous: i've always wanted a monkey. i shall name him Spanky


The first rule of Woot-Off is, you do not talk about Woot-Off.

The second rule of Woot-Off is, you DO NOT talk about Woot-Off.

If someone says stop, goes limp, taps out, too bad - the Woot-Off continues.

One item at a time.

No shirts, no shoes?

Woot-Offs will go on as long as they have to (...up to 72hrs)

If this is your first night at Woot-Off, you have to buy a monkey.


@w00tgurl: IDK, this is the first one I have participated in. I will be abusing my body with snack foods. I got work at a client's office at 0930 PST.


me. what should i expect during a woot off?