questionsdid you notice things that don't sell out during…


Yes, I'd noticed before...and I think from time to time it flows the other direction as well.


It's all rather convoluted these days. The one constant is the prices rarely go down. Once in awhile, but not the norm, more the exception.


I see one of your tags is "deceptive-practices." I'd hardly say this rises to that level. If an item doesn't sell, it's what we used to call a "woot-off killer," and it deserves to be taken down and replaced. And of course, Woot still needs to try to sell the stock, hence the appearance on Moofi. I don't have an issue with this.

Of course, I don't follow woot-offs anymore, either.


This is nothing new (except maybe posting to moofi directly after the sale). You never thought it was odd to see a woot off item be sold out and then magically appear as a plus deal the next day? Sometimes the item will be listed twice during the same multi day woot-off! Other times an item will be stuck at 90% for an hour and then suddenly drop to 50% then 25% then 0%? Do you really think people just bought thousands of that item at the last minute?
I think it's been a very long time since a sold out woot-off item meant they were really sold out. This is another reason I think they need to list their entire catalog and only take things down when they really sell out.