questionsdo you go caroling at christmas time?


People always talk about carolers, but I have never actually seen this occur.

Is this like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster?


Since I haven't seen one in over 30 years, I'm inclined to agree on the comparison.


friday the 9th I took my wife & kids on a neighborhood caroling walk. Met up at the local park with about 30 people (mostly kids and their parents) organized by 2 people that work for the local parks & rec district. they had hot cocoa and cookies, and then we walked the neighborhood around the park, a bunch of houses/townhomes packed tightly together like row-houses. Any house with lights on got a knock on the door and a song if they opened the door... only one scrooge slammed the door shut, and we all laughed at that one.

Our atheist friends even came along and sang!