questionsany recommendations for a sub-$30 electric kettle?


I'm using an Aroma, I think it's this one:

I've had it for 2 months, it replaced a failing Chef's Choice. So far so good, but of course 2 months isn't enough to know how long it will last.


My daughter had to get one to make coffee for college (they don't allow standard coffee makers due to the hot plate and she prefers a french press anyway).

We shopped around a bit and found this one on sale for $25 at Kohl's. It was about $19 after tax and a 30% off coupon.

I used it for about a week before she left for college last August and was happy with it. (I normally use gas to boil water for coffee, etc. because it is effectively free since my monthly gas bill includes 100 cu ft and I rarely go over that each month.) She's been using it at least every other day and said it still works fine.


Sub-$30 ... the closest would be the Aroma. A bit over $30 ... this Hamilton Beach sounds more promising.

FWIW, if you don't mind thrift shopping (and having luck at that), I bought all of my four hot water pots for that $30 ... a Breville, two Panasonic dispensers, and a Zojirushi. All were in very seldom used condition.