questionshow is shipping calculated durring a woot off?


I haven't bough anything this wootoff, but the last one was $5 per order. It doesn't matter how many orders you place in a single day/wootoff; it's still $5 per order. Welcome to the brave new Woot!


As far as I know, the cart is still working during woot-offs. Caveat: Haven't bought anything, so can't be sure. Note: In case you did not know, the $5 shipping for all purchases in one day has been discontinued. The 'cart' system replaced it.

If the cart is there you can place any number of items in it, and the total shipping for the order in the cart is $5. Each cart is $5. IOW, if you place 1 cart order and decide you want more, you'll pay another $5 for that cart's contents.

The problem need to hurry because things sell out quickly (?) during a woot-off. Putting anything in your cart does NOT reserve it. Don't forget to check the sites that are not doing the woot-off for items you might want to buy. And all the Plus deals on each site.


You can put some Woot plus items in your cart ahead of time. When you check out on something that requires a quick decision, you will already have other items in the cart. You can remove them quickly if you decide you don't want them.
It's $5.00 shipping for the cart, no matter how many items you have in there.


That really sucks that it changed! I used to impulse buy a whole lot more when I knew that I had the one $5.00 shipping charge and unlocked free shipping for the whole day no matter how many orders I placed. That marks the end of that for me. I will be placing FAR less orders now.


@okynot: Yes, it's a kind of a sad loss. OTOH, the "unlocked free shipping" wasn't around for a long time. (Memory fails; guessing a year or so.) Woot always said it was temporary. Think about the years before that when you paid $5 shipping for each and every order you placed.

The cart system is good...$5 per cart order. Any number of items included, doesn't matter how many. Woot-offs are a bit trickier w/the cart system. Still, it's good, IMO.


@gmwhit: Prices were cheaper back then so you could buy three to feel like you are spreading out the shipping and not feel like you are giving up an arm and a leg. Maybe I just had more expendable cash back then, who knows.


I haven't bought anything this Wootoff, so I've saved an infinite amount of shopping costs! Hooray!


@wisenekt: Don't disagree w/you at all. I think prices have gone up, too. I sometimes justified a purchase the same way...& bought 3. No longer do that. At all.


This new shipping pricing has saved me so much money on items I didn't buy. Thanks woot.


@bsmith1: well that depends. If they ever bring back say glow sticks or something equally wonderful and cheap then I would buy the max. Not so many good fun items like that now though. :(


I don't care how i come off. I'll never buy anything from here again. I'll keep coming around deals to find other sites that have deals. maybe if i see an amazing shirt.
oh and so i can post stupid this like this.


What about shipping cost to non_US? I'm trying to put an order (only with T-Shirts), and the shipping cost are $5 per item! It's too expensive, once before the cart implementation I could buy up to 3 T-shirts for shipping $5! Anyone knows something about that?


I have been unemployed far too long. Now that I am banking again I am blowing money here not realizing it was each cart. I will be questioning my purchases from here on...