questionswhat types of deals do you like the most?


I'm most interested in a nice Tool Deal (good quality tools not cheap crap). The discount depends on the item. If it's expensive (and I'm buying it anyway) then a smaller discount goes further. If the discount is too small then I'll pay the extra to have a B&M to return it too.

For something I actually need now I like to see at least 30% Off anything else it needs to be about 50% Off before I'm tempted.


I usually click on music downloads, free shipping, and at least 40% off coupon codes.


Pet stuff, restaurant/fast food deals, outdoor furniture, and sometimes handheld electronics. At Christmas, affordable gift deals like most everyone else.


I like free shipping, esp. on items where additional S&H would negate the deal. My purchases tend to be high-quality items as opposed to cheap goods/knockoffs. Deeper discounts will get me interested, and I am not opposed to disc./closeout items if the reviews/prices are good. I try to stick with goods I am already looking for to reduce impulse purchases, however if an excellent deal passes my way I will seriously consider it for future use.
Items I like: tools, guns & camping gear, FOOD! (there should be a food.woot!), gadgets, kitchen items
Items I dislike: 'deals' on software, counterfeit items, crappy stuff & the fly-by-night vendors that sell them & then disappear