questionswoot is dead. anyone care to write a eulogy?


No. Not me. "Please Be My Guest" Conrad Hilton used to say. (Cards that said that were left in the rooms.) BTW: With great sadness, I do not disagree. ;-)


I don't think Woot is completely dead. Woot just needs to get itself into rehab and into group (tech/home/sport/kids/shirt/wine/sellout/local) counseling to figure out what it wants in the relationship. And maybe cut back on all the junk it's consuming...


Woot! as a community may very well be dead. Even if they rolled back all the changes that started the death-spiral, I doubt it would help.

I'm sure that Woot! as a company is doing quite well, making lots of money, etc. It's just not the same place it used to be.


Maybe you should solicit this on their Facebook page. Those must be the good customers, since they keep getting offers for Bags and Pieces of crap.


I am well aware that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and they are allowed to share those opinions here. What I simply cannot wrap my head around is, if you dislike the website/changes so much, why? Why keep coming back? Why keep posting the same negativity over and over? Why?

What are you trying to get out of it? Are you trying to convince others? Or yourself?


@capitalggeek: "Woot! as a community may very well be dead."

In that you are all here to discuss it, and feel free to do so, I'm not quite willing to put a gravestone up on the community. :)


"here i sit broken hearted
waiting for crap but only farted."

no1 no1

@bogie21: Change. People shouldn't tell a company that you're upset with their product? A chef that the food sucked? A stripper that she smells weird? Ok, that last one is a little awkward, but my point stands.


@kylemittskus They built a feedback submission section to specifically address these issues and concerns. Not only that, they have designated staff to review and process all feedback received, making it a much more productive way to process your issues and concerns than posting on an open forum designed primarily for user communication, not Woot staff.


@bogie21: ever seen an officer and a gentleman?

Foley: You can forget it! You're out!
Mayo: Don't you do it! Don't! You... I got nowhere else to go! I got nowhere else to g... I got nothin' else.

when you got nothin' else, nowhere else to go, and all you can do is scream, you scream.

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I'm not as enthralled by woot as I was 7 years ago when I joined......however, they can change as much as they want. I like DW much better.


So dead....
It's been sad watching it slowly degrade after the main site layout change.
The most recent death for me was that they raised the shirt prices again, only instead of saying "Hey the shirts have been ten bux forever, and it's gotta change" this time they just add imported cheaper shirts for the same price, and upped the price on the decent ones.
They used to be proud of the fact that their shirts were all made and printed in the US, and brag about it in their about us.

So much erosion of the woot that was.