questionswill @colonelcrap announcing his existence make…


Here's the post that @colonelcrap posted regarding the BOC change.... LINK


If I get a BOC, I hope I get a signed picture of @colonelcrap as one of my "craps". Better yet, I hope I get 3 all stashed neatly in a nice velvet bag.


Let's hope there is a BOC this woot off and that people report a change when they get their crap!


First: there is no try; there is only do.

Note that @colonelcrap states that his changes will take time, so I'm not holding my breath for all that much randomness and change with this next Barrel of Creosote (presuming that there even is one during this woot-off).

We shall see...


If the colonel had any power he would have done something for folks after sending the last batch of bug infested carp.


@baqui63: "Do or do not. There is no try." --Master Yoda


I am going to try my hardest hoping they will put a CES monkey in it :)


I'm probably not even going to be watching at the now-standard time for craps, but I have been watching this wootoff more closely than I had been lately hoping @colonelcrap will have woot offering craps randomly again.


has anyone heard from him since those few posts? he's MIA. fired so soon?


I will definitely be aiming for it, I expect they are gonna do SO right on this one


Missed it... :-/ hope @colonelcrap hooks up those who did get it with some nice carp!