questionsdid you hear buckyballs might be legal to sell in…


I was going to mention that it sounded like the lawn dart loophole, then I read the article. Now I will mention that it sounds like the lawn dart loophole.


I had no idea these were banned until now. I wondered why I haven't seen any deals on them lately, but didn't give it a second thought.

Doesn't anyone find it ironic that there is currently a sponsored potato gun deal, which is completely legal to sell, while buckyballs aren't? Buckyballs have a recommended age of 14+ while the potato gun has a recommended age of 10+.

I guarantee the stupid kids (and let's face it, stupid adults as well) that swallowed these buckyballs are the same ones that would look down the barrel of a potato gun as it fires.


@curtisuxor: you aren't seeing the deals because that product has become a taboo word here at woot. And most references to those pesky magnets are usually deleted very quickly.