questionshow do you come up with your questions?


I don't ask questions unless I want to know the answer. Pretty simple, really.


Usually, my questions are spur-of-the-moment and come from my mind.

If I lose that, but still feel the need to post something (as opposed to just forgetting about it until later), then there's always plan B - bending over and pull ...

At this point, I hope you're thanking me that I've opted to just forget about it instead, hence the few questions I've asked over the months I've been here.


Mine are usually related to something that has caught my interest. I love that I can never guess what all answers I will get.


just repeating what the voices tell me to say.


Most of my questions are ignored, so I never get satisfaction on what I'm wondering.

But no, I don't keep a list. I just ask them as I think of them. And I try to ask myself first if it's a useful question or am I just attempting some rep building (I try my best to shy away - if possible)