questionswould you turn down a pay raise if it meant you…


I hate to say it, but no internet at work is a LOT bigger than just no Woot.

Essentially you're giving up most outside world contact during the workday in exchange for probably about $50 per week after tax. That's probably not a great deal.

If this is about a real job opportunity, depending on the type of work you do, you may want to keep looking.

(Follow up question ... How are they enforcing the no-internet policy outside of their own network, i.e. are they jamming data service on your cell phone?)


I don't use the internet at work now. Show me the money.


@psaux: They just monitor internet use and people all around (they love to tell on people) cellphone is possible however my phone is an old slow smartphone.


Since I'm a back-end developer for some internet properties, if I was to get $2 an hour more to not use the internet, it would mean I wouldn't be doing what I do anymore. So, yes :-) I'd happily not have to worry about emails during work hours.


I turned down a $10k/yr raise because the position did not permit using Internet for ANYTHING other than work purposes. (Heavily/Closely Monitored). It was a different position in the same area, but different building..

So ya-- I wouldn't give up a slice of happiness for more money, especially when I am comfortable right now.


I would not, but I think what matters is how much you make to begin with.


I'd say I wouldn't and haven't. I'm in the situation where our internet is monitored and I am very aware that there are times when people's browsing records are pulled and used to have discussions with them. I personally monitor what I use the internet for at work, although we have a program that blocks certain things (entertainment, streaming media, etc). I need it to do general research for work on occasion, and use it to check woot or other personal things. In my position I am not at a computer all the time, and can't guarantee when I will be so I can't rely on being able to access it throughout the day anyway. Almost everyone that works for me has little to no computer or internet access at all and probably will never have it during their careers since we work in a manufacturing plant.

I'm more careful about my phone - I have a personal smartphone and a work smartphone. I don't use my work phone for personal use at all.


No woot? No problem. No internet? Problem.


Eh would depend on how comfortable your way of life is now. If you make enough to save some and live how you enjoy living don't worry about it. If not take the raise. And if nothing else save the money for a few months and buy an iPhone/iPad (or droid equivalent depending on your preference)


Absolutely I would take the extra $2..... Heck I still have my smartphone!


Hells yeah! Get another $2/hour which is about $4,500 annually and forces me to save money.


@psaux: As far as I know, cell phone jammers are illegal for civilian/private use so I doubt a non-gov organization would use one. That said, they're easily found and purchased on the web.