questionshow many cats?


What, exactly, is wrong with "crazy" cat people?

My name is Patti. I own two cats.


Perhaps I should have said, two cats own me.


I read a formula that I tend to agree with. I believe it was maxcats = 2(peopleinhousehold). So if you have two human members of your household, you've just hit your max with your fourth cat. Single people are allowed only two cats. Obviously there are environmental factors (like the size of your house) to take into account too.



Really, though, as long as your house doesn't smell and there aren't cat hairs everywhere (particularly showing up in food), I think you are fine. Kudos to you for giving a home to a cat who needed one.


We have 2 humans in our household (wife and I). We currently have 3 3/4 cats. That's where I drew my line . I always tell my wife if I ever die she will be the crazy cat lady.

3 wild kitten rescues, 1 adoption.

(One of the cats is missing his front right leg, thus he is only 3/4)


@sunnyx0r: Agreed, unless they are outdoor cats (but who can really say they own an outdoor cat, outdoor cats belong to themselves)


46 -- the answer to life the universe and everything


@cengland0: That's 42. Though in practice, there's very little difference between 42 cats and 46 cats.


@bogie21: That "3/4" doesn't work. I'm missing a leg and the census interviewers refuse to count me as 3/4 of a person.


@sunnyx0r: Phew. Four people in our house, so we're safe. I don't think we'll test the limits of 8.

Although if we're counting collective brainpower of the cats, we have somewhere south of 3.


@wingnutzero: Oh crap, that's right. Now I'm totally embarrassed.

I haven't read too many books in my life, I usually read technical manuals instead. The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy is one of the few I did read so now I have to walk with my head down in shame.


I have two. And, that is about five too many...I used to really like cats. Now that I have a son, they seem so pointless.


Here's the litmus test: If you have more cats than human members of your household you may have a problem.


1 cat is all it takes. Potentially, just THINKING you want a cat puts you in that category.


For me personally, 1 is too many. My lifestyle does not support the keeping of pets as I am simply not home enough for it to be fair to keep a pet. For those who are home enough to properly care for a pet, I would say 4 is the limit. Had 4 once (different lifestyle/employment at the time) and it was doable most of the time. Took a friend's cat for a couple of weeks and that pushed it over the edge. Of course it depends on the cats, too. Four cats that do not get along would not be doable!


@jrpigman: Well in that case I have none. My cat Jasmine was a stray that my truck driver stepdad found begging in the snow at a truck stop someplace in the midwest. He brought her home to the ranch in east Texas, where she was a strictly outdoor cat for maybe five years. They got divorced and neither could afford to keep the ranch so I went and got her, and she's been living with me in west Texas for about 5 years. She's allowed to come and go as she pleases, so during the summer she's an outdoors cat who drops by for meals (although she is still a vigorous hunter and feeds herself at least half the time) while in the winter she is an indoor cat who goes outside only for toileting.


@sunnyx0r: great formula! and not just because it officially deemed my husband and I as not being crazy cat people.

i inherited a cat (Bella) from a roommate. eventually she was acting lonely (crying out in empty rooms - she grew up with a multitude of other pets around) so we adopted a friend for her, an all black cat (Vader). about a year later, a friend found a stray that he just couldn't find a home for, so suddenly we had a third (Adama). Adama has since grown to be a BEAST - giant and dumb...we actually have a cat who doesn't always land on his feet! however, he's adorable and loving, so he's a keeper.

We LOVE all three of them and would never get rid of them, but I'd probably like to have only 2, given a choice. (the 3rd cat was not a choice - if we didn't take him, he didn't have a home).


I had four cats until Friday when one passed away. Now I have three. I do not deem myself a crazy cat lady, but shirt.woot has, lol!~ None of my friends say I am either, so who knows, lol.

It actually feels weird having only three now, but they are like my babies. I went pretty ballistic when the cat died, plus he looked to be in pain, so I really flipped. By time I even called the emergency vet it was already too late though. His littermate misses him, and went looking for him several times, I think he gets it now, but still, he looks so lost. The cat was only 8 too, so it was a real shock!

I might have to look into getting another cat, to bring myself back up to four, but who knows, maybe I'll just stick with my three....if I do get another, it will be a rescue. Or a stray kitten. I prefer those for some reason. The one that passed and his littermate, plus my youngest (a Siamese mix) were all 'born on the streets' so to speak. I think they are the best cats.


I've never had a cat, so I feel like I can be impartial here. I think when you hit five - really anything that is or rounds up to a double digit number - you could legitimately be considered a cat lady/person.

Allowances can be made for the relationship with cats. You might be a cat person if you could replace the word "cat" with "kid" in a sentence and Child Protective Services wouldn't be after you:
The [cats/kids] have their own room.
I put the TV on to entertain the [cats/kids] while I made dinner; you know how they like a home-cooked meal.
My [cat/kid] is having a birthday party next week and I'm thinking of hiring a clown.


I've had zero to four cats, and while three has been okay, it's never worked with more, and two is enough. for me. As others have said, it really comes down to how well you maintain your home. If you have the space for them and the will to clean the litter box throughout the day, go wild. The problem is people who don't meet those criteria going hognwild anyway.


My late husband & I had 8 cats at one time. Before that happened (yes, it happened TO us!), I never thought I would have enough love/time/patience for that many. It wasn't true...we loved every single one of them.

Trying to remember - I think 5 of them were adoptions/rescues. Am now catless. All have died. I simply cannot even think of owning another one...and losing it. Each cat's death took a piece of me w/them. :-(


I think it depends. If you're always covered in cat hairs, if your house reeks of cats, if you can't maintain the litter boxes, if you're feeding the cats cheap crappy food, if you can't afford to vet all your cats - you probably have too many.

I've had as few as one and as many as 12 in the house. High numbers have been the result of unplanned pregnancy and hand-raising a litter after the mother was hit by a car.

Currently we have four, all males, all neutered, all strictly indoor critters. I'm feeding a couple of strays and hoping to live-trap the male to have him neutered - I had the female done earlier this year.

I am the neighborhood crazy cat lady, but I know it and I can keep it under control.



Cats are OK, but I like dogs better. As for the OP, I think 2/human would be a good answer.


@baybei: Extra hugs for the littermate and Mom.


@pattiq: Thank you. We both need them. I think his brother (littermate) is settling down a bit finally.


@smtatertot13: Very cute. As long as we are sharing, here's my picture of Jasmine, on at least her fourth life (pet, stray, farm cat, pet).

She and my dog Simba are very photogenic.


I don't think it's the NUMBER of cats, but rather how one interacts with them. I used to be a dog person, but now I have four cats, all with distinct personalities. One is my shadow, sits next to me wherever I am, and sleeps ON me all night. The first time we went on vacation after getting her, she was miserable. I talked to her on the phone. Yup. And she meowed back. One of my other cats purrs nonstop, so we named him Motorboat. I recorded his purr and made it my cell phone ringtone. Paired with vibrate, it's like having a cat in your pocket. There's five of us in the home, and we have 4 cats, (and one dog and a bird...) down from 5 because of a horrible accident. So the number formula doesn't apply, but I think you'll agree I'm crazy!

P.S. I birthed Motorboat- we own his mom and I assisted her in giving birth to two babies!