questionswould woot consider moving the start of the new…


It's pretty rare for a product to be sold out by early morning. You don't have to check woot at Midnight CST, ya know ;)

But I get it - I stay up too. Fortunately I'm in CST...


Being an east coast type, it would be nice. Earlier isn't really an issue for any US time-zones (after all, midnight eastern would only be 9pm pacific) and having it at 1am makes it tough to stay up to see the new deal.


I love the idea, only having to stay up till 11!, but sadly woot is located in Texas, central time. Their midnight is mine :(


It works fine the way it is. Don't fix what isn't broken. Can't please everyone.


They would more than likely not consider it, they are based in texas so they run business in their timezone.


With two kids under the age of ten there's no way for me to stay up till 1:00,so I check when up for the middle of the night bathroom run. It seems that I have done this forever or perhaps it's just an old mans prostate. And actually at least once a month I am glad for not waiting, for eg couple days ago with the special on bandages. Well good night again all.


This is a real question? There are some Wooters who think it switches over TOO EARLY?


Why should Woot move it's day start time? It's Texas for heaven's sake! Everything revolves around Texas!


@lola4028: not too early, too LATE. 12 am CST is 1 am on the east coast, so they'd have to stay up an hour later to see the new item or if a woot-off is starting.


Move to the west coast, then the day changes at 10PM PT


The question is sound but I would not move it. then again I also live on the west coast and get home from work just before the midnight bell tools in texas, kinda works out great for me.


It's correct, you can't please everyone, but I'm a little surprised to see some of the hostility towards the question. Can't we all just get along?

A few points (the 'rightness' of each is debatable.)
1) Most of the daily promotion websites have west coast headquarters, yet still start at midnight ET.
2) Financial markets are based on eastern time.
3) More people in this country live in the eastern time zone than any other time zone ()
4) The 'they are in Texas' argument is rubbish since their own governor wants to sucede ;)
5) Since you can't please everyone, wouldn't you want to please most people? Current process: Start time=10p to 1am; Revised process to accommodate more people=9pm to 12am. Seems like a no brainer from a business standpoint, the #'s speak for themselves.

Let the hate continue.....


@mschauber: i was surprised too, but maybe this touched a nerve with west coast people. My buddy who lives in CA is always irked at the times things start on the east coast (for TV purposes). He is thankful for his DVR.


@tsfisch: I gave up trying to catch the new items at 0100 at least a year or two ago. I have woke up and checked woot several times to see an item sold out by 0800 EST, usually nicer puters and the like. Forget about BOC's posted on 4/1, christmas, woot birfday etc, always sold out.

not trying to argue, just saying.


@mschauber: The mean center of United States population is currently located in Texas County, Missouri. This county is in the Central Timezone. Therefore to please the most amount of people, Woot! deals should start at midnight, central time.


@eijisama: Yes. I realize that. My wonderment is that there may be Wooters in the west or central time zones who'd think 11pm or 9pm are too early. Generally speaking, Wooters work to pay for their much needed Woots. Who'd complain if the new Woots were available 1 hour earlier???

I'm an east coaster as well. I'm all for an extra hour of sleep, after my Woot.


@imshadow22: What means that? Despite what Texans might think, the country does not revolve around that state. It's only one of 50 states. No one state is any better or more important than another.

As much as I love the midwest and think Chicago is the best city in the country, this country's population #s clearly show the coasts are where the greatest density of people are.


@lola4028: Even if a few people thought 9pm was too early, at least they are awake then. During normal waking hours anyone can access the website anytime they want. It's more realistic to ask people to do something during normal waking hours than telling people they should wake up or just stay awake..

Fair is fair. The other option is for east coasters to give up on woot or continue to live with lack of sleep. West coasters have nothing to lose by starting an hour earlier, east coasters have a lot to gain.


@lola4028: gotcha; I'm on central time myself, and work third shift, so the changeover time doesn't really matter to me either way since I'll still only be able to check woot on my breaks.


@eijisama: 1am is technically early.... I think perhaps some of ya'll on the east coast haven't noticed that those of us in the rest of the country sometimes get annoyed by being expected to set our lives around your time zone. It's nice every once in a while to have something centered on, well, the center.