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Stash Wild Raspberry Hibiscus Tea Bags (3)
Stash Strawberry Pomegranate Tea Bags (6)
Bottle of Chill Powder (4.37oz)
Large reusable TJ Maxx Shopping Bag

(left at work, so not in photo) Holiday card with greetings of Crapness, statement that cat toys were unsed, and a hand drawn picture of an owl captioned something like "Have an owl too"
(not in photo) paper clip
(not in photo) torn piece of cardbox box flap

All in all, a fantastic bag of crap with useful items as well as crap.

Note, the cat (Sammy) was not in the box... he grabbed one of the toys seconds after the picture was taken.

@curli76! Thanks! Great stuff here!


I can't believe they sent you a cat.


There was a bag of crap? !?
I haven't seen a bag of crap, in eons!
you, lucky dog, you



A "wootizen BOC exchange" (call it a crowd-sourced BOC). Woot was not involved (well, said BOC Exchange was advertized here, and I'm sure much of the crap originated on woot, but otherwise woot did not participate directly).

@lonelypond: I'd swear I went back more than four pages looking for it. Thanks for linking to it.

edit: Aand I posted in that thread. Duh! (I knew I wasn't going crazy!) Ah wells... I post another comment there linking here....


A) Those are brand new batteries!
B) Yes, the brain is soap, much like, I have heard, the cake is a lie.


Here's my awesome bag of crap from @Baqui63. I'm also posting this on the other thread. Sadly, I took this at work, so no picture of the cat.

4 old NYC bicycling maps (As an avid walker, these will come in handy.)
"Flu protection kit" (masks, hand sanitizer, flu pamphlet, gloves)
A bunch of cords
An Apple USB power adaptor
Starting lineup JD Drew figure w/card
Footflush toilet flushing system
Café Bingo (These will be used, but at a diner.)
Green reusable shopping bag
Some sort of very bright light
Screaming Woot! monkey
travel mug
camo beer cozy w/words "Eddie's 50th Birthday June 16, 2012"
plastic sunglasses
pink whistle
2 mini card readers
2 mini CDs
roll-up piano
2 Topsy-Turvy strawberry planters

And a note telling me that I can't return any of it :)


I got my BOC today. Big thank you to @hirshy for a great BOC

Ironman 2 Megablocks set
Broccoli stress sprout
Small alarm clock
HDMI cable
Headset w/ microphone
Green earbuds
Galapagos tortise postcard
Santa pin
Blue casino die
Corvette keychain
Stuffed fox beanie
3 pairs of aviator sunglasses
Toothpaste (am I sensing a theme here?! I'm not British, I have nice teeth, I swear)
Roma wallet
Medium Woot video game t-shirt (awesome!)
Small Where's the Beef t-shirt (double awesome!)
Dormzy bag



Also, that "iPad charger" is really just a 10w USB power brick. It will charge an Android phone or MP3 player or GPS or anything that will charge from USB.