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works fine for me. I am running IE 8.


@chris12345: I see this error on Firefox. I see it on IE 7. I used an account on the IE 7 that I almost never ever use, and which does not load an avatar from anywhere (just in case that was somehow part of the problem), and still see it. I'll go try on something non-windows now.

Too bad I don't still have the rich set of test platforms, but I'm not loading up Chrome for anybody (I have the hate for Chrome).

@shawnmiller and @josefresno: Good Morning! Happy Saturday!


That was just so very painful. Okay, I hit the most obscure OS I own, with a browser that's ancient, and the error's still there. I don't have an IE8 available to check with.


I get the problem with Chrome and IE8.

@shrdlu, why the hate for Chrome? Just curious. I use mostly Chrome now myself, had some issues with Firefox.


@jazcat: I prefer a finer grained cookie control than it allows. Yes, I am crazy enough to click yes or no on each and every cookie for a particular site. Chrome has other annoying (to me) features, but that one is unforgivable. Actually, I only recently gave up browsing with an ancient copy of Mozilla, which I STILL miss.