questionshow many of you watched the doctor who season…


Yes, I watched. I had two thoughts.

1: "HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

2: "NO, SERIOUSLY! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That's all I will say in case someone hasn't seen it yet (though really, if you haven't seen it yet why did you deliberately choose to click on this question?).


I had two thoughts also -



Now we have a 6 month wait.


Very good episode. Now - hoping the conclusion comes to a theater in 3D within 100 miles of me.


Of course! And I will echo the "Holy Crap".


I TiVO'd it and hadn't seen it yet, so I didn't click on this question until I'd watched it. Well, technically, till after I sat in stunned silence for a while after watching it.

River Song is my all-time favorite non-Doctor character, and this episode reinforced why i adore her. And Clara is fast edging up on Martha Jones as my fave companion.

I absolutely loathe cliff-hangers. Next season should be remarkable!


More info on upcoming productions, renewal for season 8, and John Hurt


@magic cave: I haven't really warmed up to Clara yet. I don't dislike her I just don't have any particular fondness for her either.


@hossdawg97: Ditto. I don't know if it is her acting or the way she is written but I am having problems enjoying her performance. I really liked souffle girl in the dalek asylum but all other appearances have been meh. With my cable provider, I can watch an all new Doctor Who episodes 3 times on premiere night (5pm, 8pm, and 11pm). When Amy and Rory or River are on, I have been known to watch it all three times and then later on with On Demand. Clara episodes are "once is enough".


I really enjoyed the episode but at the same time it left me with so many questions! In any case, I can't wait for the 50th anniversary special and to see my favorite Doctor back!


@theoneill555: I loved me some Amy Pond, of course tall + redhead + Scottish accent = a pretty awesome combination in my book!


@sunnyx0r: Have you been watching the specials with all the old Doctors? I finally got to see Tom Baker in action again, along with an interview with him. He's 79 now, and nearly as appealing to me now as he was back in the 70's. The first four Doctors' "revisited" have already aired; Doctor #5 is coming up this week.


@magic cave: No I haven't been, but maybe I should start. I love and respect the long history of the show but I've only seen scattered story arcs from before the reboot. For me, Tom Baker is where it gets watchable. The older stuff is just too dated for my tastes I guess. But I'd like to see a sort of recap of it in the "revisited" specials.


@sunnyx0r: The Doctors 1,2, and 3 were one-hour specials with some clips of the shows and interviews with the actors, current acto rs, and other Who-related people. Even though they're very dated, I enjoyed them for the historical perspective. I hadn't realized just how much and for what reasons the morphing of characters and plot lines have changed. For instance, the Doctor's granddaughter (yep!) had a prominent role in the early shows.

Starting with Tom [swoon] Baker, the shows are three hours, including one or two full episodes. Baker was my first Doctor, and I gotta tell you, there were nuances and attitudes going on that I totally missed back in the 70's. The interview segments with him were great fun, by the way.

I remember seeing some segments of Doctor #5 (John Davison), but I don't know if 6, 7, and 8 even showed in the US. If they did, I missed them.

I'm not Doctor Who freak (even if Spouse did buy me a motorized Dalek for Christmas), but I enjoy the shows immensely.