questionsdo you buy special editions or collectors…


I buy for the special features, so if there's a special edition, I always get it. If a special edition of a movie I already have comes out, I'll get it and give the not-special edition to a friend.


I prefer hardbacks - signed 1st editions. Doesn't matter w/ebooks.

...Oh, no! Wrong question. Sorry. Quietly slinking away w/my precious books.

Edit: I still have a collection of LPs. Some of those are special editions. One by Ahmad Jamal.


Depends on what you get with the special edition, along with how much it is. If it's extra content to watch/play and it's not a lot more (or the same price), then yes, I do buy the special editions. If it's like a lot of games, where the special edition is $150 and you get the game, a map of the world, action figures and something for your Xbox Live avatar, then no, I never will pay that much money for a Master Chief action figure, no matter how cool he is.


Yeah it really depends on content a few more bucks for something interesting with the game/movie perhaps. Although I will say I'm a sucker for some of the companies that produce games I tend to buy, if the special edition is something that makes me happy then yeah I'll spend the extra money on it. Which is why I have a shelf full of art books ><


@captainsuperdawg: If I were a gamer, I'd be right there with you. I might pay for extra content, but not toys or some massive display box.

edit: Art books would be worth it imo.


I used to always get the special editions on a DVD/Bluray, but after figuring out that I don't usually watch them, I've leaned towards saving the bucks by just getting the regular version.


I definitely fall into the if it's worth it category. I have picked up the CE for a few games and dvds, but more often I wait until it's on sale and get it after the fact. Unless there is good DLC for a game, in which case I'll shell out the extra cash. cough Mass Effect 3 cough


As stated, depends on how "limited" it is and/or what comes in the deal. Like with video games. Most are just some art books and a soundtrack. Both of which I can get online no problem. The one's that come with DLC and exclusive content are the one's I go for.
Like Max Payne 3. The special edition comes with the first DLC and a sweet figure and downloads.

I am also a sucker for steelbooks. I want nothing more than to have everything I own on disk in steelbooks. Hell, I per-ordered The Muppets yesterday just because Best Buy is offering a steelbook.

Movie special editions better have something really special to get me to buy them. I don't use DVD's anymore or digital copies so that's not an incentive for me. If Xbox or PS3 start to work with Ultraviolet then I may spend the few extra bucks for that for convenience.
I have some special edition movies, but not to many. My Ironman 2 is numbered from Target in a sweet steelbook.


I am the same as most, really depends on what you get. I bought the Tourney edition of Mortal Kombat because I wanted the arcade stick. Man was that ever worth it. I won alot of MK tourneys back in the day at the arcades and I couldn't imagine playing it with a controller.


There's SO MANY movies out there that I want to see, that it seems like actually watching special features is taking time away from another movie.

I don't watch movies all the time, and I almost never watch the special features I do have. Part of it may be that I know how they do the effects easily enough, and I don't care what went into the final product other than that.


More often than I care to admit. Moreso with video games, because you usually get actual extra stuff. In game content is usually pretty cool, and if its a franchise I like, having a replica of an in-game item or a statue or something can be enough to sucker me in.

Artbooks/ steelcases I dont usually care as much for. They're cool and all, but those alone wont be enough to get me in. really depends. Often no, but that's because the super special editions are just so darn expensive. At least with video games it's a max difference of about $20. But with movies...I can buy the Dark Knight on Blu Ray for $15, 20 (when it first came out) and get the movie, a digital copy, and all the special features. Or I can pay $60-80 and get a pretty cool statue, but not much else in the way of extra content.

If the special editions of movies were/ are lower, I'm more inclined. But lately, the extras just arent there. I know in the past getting the SE meant a boatload of extra features....

vote-for3vote-against in the Memento SE, you got that KILLER DVD box, a ton of bonus features, a way to play the movie backwards (forwards?) and so on.

I don't see that as much anymore. Even then, the price differential is typically so high that it kills it for me.

I'm definitely still interested in special/ collectors editions, but ever since getting burned by the CE of Force Unleashed II, I look at what you get pretty closely.


I used to, but stopped when I realized I wasn't watching the special features. And certain movies with a special collector case (i.e. Transformers) came with a helmet shaped dvd holder, which does not fit in any dvd box I'm using.


I will spring for a boxed set, with everything - special features, extended editions, etc. But only for certain series' that I love. Even then, the price has to be right.
For example, the Harry Potter "Wizards Edition" boxed set is dropping this year - for $350. It's a 31 disc set, but 8 of those discs are DVD, 8 are BD, and 2 are 3D BD. And not all of the movies are extended edition/director's cut, etc. But it comes in a pretty box? As much as it saddens me, I'll pass until they release everything they have in one, reasonably priced set.


As others have said, I used to but realized I didn't have the time or motivation for the extra stuff so I don't really care about special features anymore.


I've got a few, but for the most part no.


I regret not waiting an buying Skyrim special edition. How could I resist a dragon statue? :(

I saw it on sale for $80 at Best buy. I paid $60 for the standard edition when the game came out. If only I had waited!