questionsany advice for first time snow skiers?


As far as the actual skiing process goes, it's much like ice skating if you have done that much. A hockey stop in ice skating the the same basic principal as parallel turns in skiing.

How long will you be there?

How many days on the slope?

The first advice I give you is don't panic. The second is that if you are getting out of control do NOT sit down to try to stop, you will continue to go straight and you can crash into the lodge or another immobile object and hurt yourself. If you lose control or start to go too fast fall down with your legs downhill head uphill.

Also -have fun!


I'm so jealous.

Regardless, like said above, fall to either side if you're getting out of control - falling backwards doesn't work (for obvious reasons). Also, falling doesn't hurt! Don't be afriad to crash. It may feel similar to ice skating, but falling while skiing feels 100 times better.

Have a blast, and don't be afraid to try those black diamonds. It'll be worth it, no matter how many times you may fall.


helmuts are good and i also really recommend lessons. i took beginner group lessons with 2 friends and other random people. they'll ask you what your ski level is and if you've never been they'll teach you everything from how to step into the skis to making turns, stopping, what the rest of your body should be doing, etc. if you hear "pizza" and "french fries" on the bunny slopes, 95% of the time it'll be the 2 most common stances, which they cover in the lessons.
| | is french fries. \/ is pizza

have fun, drink water, stretch before, eat some high energy foods like peanut butter, bananas. ask about the happy hour specials if any. protect your ears, fingers, eyes. be patient
bahhh you know the rest :) i'm jealous


@w00tgurl: Wait, is your \/ facing uphill or downhill?


@mikecris: Point of the \/ faces downhill.
Also called "snow plowing"...but I've only heard that on ski hills in the midwest.
It's how beginners are taught to slow down. And it works.


Dress warmly, be prepared to fall, get a helmet. You must have lessons: if you can afford them individual or small group (you and DH) are the way to go. Group lessons are for kids. Have fun, stay on the beginner slopes (ask the instructor where you should practice. They will gladly tell you.)


@gt0163c: /is midwestern Yep, it's a snowplow!