questionswhere is a good place to get inexpensive bed…


I've had good luck finding good deals on high thread count sheets at


About what thread count are you looking for and price range?


There is always TJMAXX and Marshalls.


@vinithehat: You get free shipping and bed bugs from Super 8, what a deal!


Thanks, @thunderthighs, @gigi889, and @lavikinga: Never thought of Overstock, I'll take a look there. TJMaxx and Marshalls are a great idea too. I don't know how much I would trust eBay sheets, just doesn't sit right with me, even though I get a lot of stuff from eBay.


@mrmucox: My favorite sheets have come from Target,, & TJMaxx, in that order.

The Target sheets are flannel. They go on sale a few times a year for ~$16 and can be found multiple times throughout the colder months for $20. Their MSRP is $30. I like them year-round, although Target only seems to carry them when normal people put flannel sheets on their beds. Boo.

The Overstock sheets I bought assuming they'd go on the guest bed. I liked the color, but wasn't sure if I could trust online sheets. I was pleasantly surprised, and they've never seen the guest bed.

I tend to buy pieces from TJMaxx -- extra pillow cases, a fitted sheet for my air mattress, etc -- but if I could find a design I liked when I was there I'd jump on getting sets as well. They're higher-end products that didn't move at department store prices, so the value is definitely there.

I purchased one set online from Bargain Outfitters. I liked the color quite a bit, but the dye smell is overpowering.


I agree regarding Overstock. Good sheets, good prices.


@caffeine_dude: Nothing a wash and dry can't fix. As long as you don't have black-lights in your room, you'll be just fine!


My mistake, my smelly sheets actually came from SmartBargains:

I'm sure the item in the class-action suit isn't the only one with overrepresented thread count. My sheet set doesn't feel like it could be any greater than 300 TC, and that's being generous.

Thanks for the link @w00tgurl!


Look for a Tuesday Morning store near you -- they sometimes have fantastic sales on very nice sheets and linens (all closeouts) Website here:

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I found a great deal on some very nice quality 500TC sheets at last fall. I think I may have even found them via a deals.woot link. They have a nice weight to them & have held up to quite a few muddy paws (don't ask) and heavy-duty washer cycles. I paid around $50 for a king size set & would buy more if I could find that particular set on sale. Extra deep 22" that REALLY fit my princess and the pea bed. Very impressed with the quality.

Brylanehome has really good deals now and then. It also pays to look at for coupons that may be good at any of the online store you use. A free shipping or 10% off coupon is always nice :)

One other place to try is Walmart. No, seriously. Their better sheets are reasonable and decent quality.


@lavikinga: Thanks for the tip and link on . I also try to use when I shop online; I'm almost always able to find a coupon code for free shipping or the equivalent.


I actually just got some really nice, soft sheets from Sam's Club. Before then, I shopped for sheets at Marshall's, T.J. Maxx, and Altmann's. Occasionally I'd run into a killer sale at a department store like Macy's (or probably more accurately, Kaufmann's), but it was rare.


Target will put these on clearance every so often.


JcPenney and I love my "brand" sheets. The fitted sheet has elastic all the way around.


Best place I've bought sheets is Target, I routinely go there & see what they have on sale or clearance. When their Bamboo sheets go on sale, I always get a set. They're not 100% bamboo anymore - they used to be, I think - now they're 80% bamboo, 20% cotton, but still, they're so super soft & each time you wash them they get softer, it seems. Kind of a brushed cotton feel almost. Love them. Although the 80/20 blend doesn't seem as colorfast as the 100% bamboo were - I've had my 80/20 ones get bleached out spots on them from just spraying Spray & Wash on them. :/


Sam's Club for me. Fairly priced, they wash well and last forever without any piling.


You can find good bedding,linens and sheets on with FREE shipping across the world. :)