questionshow often should i get my tires rotated?


Most manufacturers recommend between 5,000 and 10,000 miles. If you're not sure whether they were rotated the last time you had it in, go ahead and have them done. It won't hurt anything and you're better safe than sorry.


Manufacturers are now recommending with every oil change, or 3-5,000 miles; I think that is a little ridiculous. I swap out winter and summer tires so I mark my tire positions and do my rotation when I put the tires on for the respective season, so about every 7-8,000 miles.


The rule of thumb I've always used is every other oil change, that makes it around every 6,000+/- miles.


With my previous car, I got my tires from BJ's and they did free rotation every 5000 miles. With the new car, Toyota rotates every 5000 as free maintenance. Does seem to make the tires last longer. 10,000 looks to be too long, It probably doesn't hurt to do them every time you get an oil change with regular oil, 3-5,000 miles.


the usual consensus for years was/has been, 6k mi. (or every other oil change back when they were ramming 3mo/3000mi down our throats about oil changes)

i just bought a set of pirelli's that in their warranty book call for 3-4k mi rotations. (which for me puts it @ every o.c. it takes me 6 mo or so to go 3k miles.)


With my last car, I never rotated the tires and ended up with very uneven wear, so needed to replace the tires earlier than they "should" have needed to be replaced. My current car tells me when they need to be rotated; it seemed to pop up at about 7,000 miles.


Dude, don't the tires rotate all the time while you're driving anyway?


I rotate mine every 5000-6000 miles.


I also have ours done at about 6K miles. It can't hurt.


Whoever does it for you, make sure they know that the rotation is different for rear wheel drive, all wheel drive, and front wheel drove. You'd be surprised at the incompetence of most oil change/repair shops.


I work with a bunch of ASE certified mechanics. They typically recommend every other oil change, which is for most newer cars around 10-12k miles. With some of the newer extended drain oils, it's now every oil change (for example I saw a van with a 15k oil change if you use the right oil).


I bought Firestone tires and a perk with them is they have free rotation. Since I get my oil changed at a Firestone shop, I have them rotate them at every oil change (5,000 miles). I also bought life time alignment and have them check it every time as well. If you can get it for free, it doesn't hurt anything to have it done and it could extend the life of the tires by a little bit.


I also rotate mine with every oil change.....