questionsdo people still smoke pipes?


Why do you ask? I have friends that do (although I am grateful that they are on the opposite coast, since I don't care for the smell). I purchased seven separate lots from an antique auction for a friend that were collections of pipes and humidors (and he reimbursed me after the fact). They were all sorts of fancy types, not one of which I understood or knew about.

I haven't seen a man under the age of 60 smoke a pipe in at least 30 years.

Again, I'm curious about why you're asking.


i enjoy the smell of a pipe. brings back some old time memories. granddad used to smoke until he couldn't physically do it anymore (took up camel unfiltered then-until he passed in 1986). whereas i do enjoy the smell of cherry blend from a distance because of the memories, i don't actually have a fond memory of him while he was smoking, or while i was visiting relatives at his home. maybe it's just the how much it p.o. my grandmother (i still don't like her to this day).


I have several and occasionally (maybe once every six weeks or so) smoke a bowl of cherry cavendish.

(And for the record, I'm not 60 yet.)


They seem to sell a decent amount of pipe tobacco at the place where I go to get cigars.


I have at least two friends in their mid- to late-twenties who smoke pipes. And I had a professor a few years ago who smoked a pipe outside between classes.


@shrdlu: I was looking for an interesting question to post


the dopers down the street do.


I've tried it. I did like how enthusiastic and helpful the guy at the tobacco shop was when I bought pipe tobacco from him. He kept it in jars and sold it in plastic bags and there were a ton of varieties.

So the whole experience of getting it was fun, and I liked the idea of smoking a pipe. Unfortunately, the hassle wasn't really worth it (I was terrible at keeping the thing lit) and I still liked the taste of cigarettes better.


I do. I like the smell though. I inhereted my grandfathers pipes and usually keep some tobacco on hand. I love to take my pipe with me when I'm golfing. And it's kind of a novelty to bring out after dinner when guests are over. We just purchased a hookah though that may take the place of the after-dinner pipes because you don't wake up in the morning feeling like you licked an ash tray.


My cannabis goes in a glass pipe.