questionsanyone else disappointed with their coffee mugs?


I won't get my Family Breakfast mug until Friday, but this is a less than stellar review. Maybe your mug had a QC issue? Anyone else get theirs yet?


Can you provide pics at your earliest convenience?

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I second the request for a pic or two. I've considered buying mugs the next time I see one I really like on shirt.woot's PLUS site.


Wow, Quality Control issues from the new shirt side sales? I think I might be going into shock

This honestly comes as no surprise to me. In case you guys haven't seem me on the regular woot sites the only thing I'll be buying from shirt.woot is woot branded items, and I'll probably not even wear them, it will just so I can collect more woot stuff. The few orders I will be making will be closely examined for any flaws. I don't even think I'll be buying randoms anymore, it's just too much work to have to check out every shirt, make sure the design printed the right size, is on the correct blank, the stitching is all put together correctly, check the print for oversaturation/missing colours/other ink issues, and confirm it survives it's first wash.

You shouldn't need to go through all that to buy a shirt.

Bravo on getting them out of the factory faster, but maybe speed isn't your issue.


@cowboydann: ... and I was just about to mention that too.

Sadly, it's almost to the point in which we're surprised if something arrives correctly instead.


Gotta give credit where credit is due: Thanks @neuropsychosocial for getting that whole thread started, I've only ordered 2 shirts from the side deals and I still haven't looked at them that closely. I'm moving in 2 weeks so when I got them, I opened them, made sure they were the right design, assumed that was all I needed to worry about and I packed them up in a box full of T's. I probably wont dig them out for another month or so too.


Even though the quality control issues are hanging out in a thread over on shirt, please note we take all feedback seriously wherever it's posted.

Which is to say shirt staff's been alerted about this thread and appreciates your input.


Printing is not looking so good on anything right now. Sad, woot, sad.


@inkycatz: serious feedback: can you please consider rallying a group of employees together to buy the company back from the destructive grip of jeff bezos?


I should be getting my Coffee mug this afternoon. I'll try to post pictures if my peabrain can figure out how.

I was a little concerned that the handle is pictured as a different color than the rest of the mug, but hoped it was not indicative of an overall quality issue.


@jjkehoe: That's exactly the case. The mug is white, with a stripe of color with the graphic. The color doesn't go all the way to the top, bottom, or meet near the handle.


@jjkehoe: If you can email me pictures I'll respond as fast as I can with some links and teach you how to embed them on Woot Properties and Deals.woot. [MyWootName]


Pics or it didn't happen.

Seriously, link us to the pictures. Neuropsychosocial's pics were extremely convincing. Although did pull themselves out of the doghouse with my 3 Randoms. They were all good. Including a Bazinga. Score.


I thought about getting one of the mugs but got the feeling that that would be DIY quality.

Glad I trusted my instincts!


I'm still holding out for shirt.woot to offer trucker hats.

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My Coffee mugs just arrived, and I thought they looked fine. The design doesn't wrap all the away around, but the shirt.woot and title/artist printing on either side of the image is sharp, the design as a whole is straight, and the white space is balanced top to bottom/side to side. My only complaint is they seem a bit small, but I usually drink my lattes out of a mug the size of a cereal bowl.


I'd rather see Shirt.Woot stop offering designs on random crap and have them actually get the shirts printed correctly.


The coffee mugs were a brand new product for us, and we worked with a new vendor to produce them. We cannot print mugs ourselves, since it takes completely different equipment than what we have in house. I worked very closely with this new vendor on the templates that we created for the sale images based on their specs. We did not have the mugs in hand till after the end of the sale, but we felt they looked pretty darn good.

I know the print is not identical to the sale image, but this is the nature of creating a product to order. We think they look nice, and were satisfied with the quality of the product. If you are truly disappointed with your ceramic mug, please contact customer service. They are prepared to help you with this issue.


@profhotpants: What kind of pants qualify as 'hot pants'?


@figgers3036: Only hotpants qualify as hot pants.
Warning: Google image link NSFW (Not Safe For Wife to see you browsing)

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@4khaos: What if the issue is the shirt itself?

As a test, I washed and dryer dried a certain charcoal (asphalt) shirt that was supposed to be on AA when it was ordered. The "good" news is that the Anvil ML neckhole is "down" to size AA M2XL. The other news is that it loss 2-3/4" in length and it's on par with an AA MS now.

Threadless has gone back to using USA-made blanks (Canvas 3001u). It's not too late to change, Woot!


I only would have bought one with the official Woot Logo or Bag of Crap Logo.. so I passed on the mugs.. =/


C'mon people show me your mugs! ;)


@profhotpants: I find it very odd that a Company would risk "listing/selling" an item that has not been inspected prior-to.

That and an actual photo could have been uploaded to the site instead of a "close print/but not identical" image.

But that's just my 2 cents =/


@figgers3036: ah heck, they were about 5 ft away from me over by my computer monitor. Sorry Figz


@capitalggeek: I received the 3 mugs with the "Coffee Reanimating You SInce the 1600's" in them today. THEY ARE HORRIBLE.

As you said the mugs are white, with a stripe of color with the graphic. The color doesn't go all the way to the top, bottom, or meet near the handle.

What in the world is going on with Woot!? I feel we deserve an explanation as to why the cups look like they do which is quite a bit different than what the web site showed them to look like.


Fer crying out loud and no joking here:

If you are going to complain about defects that are primarily visual, and highly subject to personal perferance, please link to a picture of the problem. Let us decide if Woot is messing up, or you have overly high expectations.

Example: crooked printing on shirts. If one takes highly accurate measurements of the horizontal and vertical axis of a shirt, and that of the printing I bet almost every shirt is a little bit off (like a degree or two). Nobody can tell. But when somebody complains and shows a picture of a shirt that looks like it was printed by a drunk, or a design that is 20% bigger than it is supposed to be (pics showing ruler) it makes a very convincing arguement.


Since someone mentioned seeing pictures.

Link to sale item where the image, I feel, is somewhat misleading.


@thehal85: Thanks so much for the pictures!
I honestly don't see anything too off-putting on those. Not 100% as advertised, but reasonably close.

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I'm really surprised at woot's inability to get a decent job on printing the mugs; at least to get what they clearly thought they were getting. I had a pair of mugs made for my wife with photos of our two dogs after they both died within a month 2 yrs ago. These were done by Snapfish, and they came out great. I'm linking to the one where the photo was better to show how they did, and by the way, no problem in having the photo fill the mug top to bottom.


@thehal85: Thanks for posting a photo. I'm glad someone was able to find some!