questionswhat marinade + seasonings tastes best with…


ginger/soysauce/sesame seeds make the best marinade.


Depends on how healthy you want versions of chicken from healthier to least healthy....
Just lemon pepper seasoning
Just baked with dipping sauce (very rare when I'm lazy)
Teryaki marinade chicken kabobs
Honey Garlic Ginger marinade
Honey Fried chicken (which also has ranges of healthiness depending on what I feel like)


I'm not sure how one would marinate chicken with Alfredo?

The marinades I use for chicken are light: Fruity (lemons, oranges, pineapples, etc.), Balsamic Vinegar-based Italian dressings and (as already suggested) teriyaki.

The only exception is when I am doing BBQ.

It would be easier deciding based on what else is being served.


Cajun Dirt.

Okay it's not the best but it's really really good. Pick some up from woot if you ever get a chance! I always buy 3 of any Todd's dirt. I just pour it on until it's plastered in that stuff.


Honey Garlic Ginger and Cajun Dirt both sounds interesting. I've got honey, garlic, and ginger so I can try that one out. Also for Alfredo I just add some salt and lemon juice before I cook it.


Beer can chicken with the seasoning of your choice. The chicken ends up "fall off the bone" and super moist and juicy.

Oven 350-375 or indirect heat from a grill (adjust so the skin does not burn) Take a can of beer, drink it down to about 1/2. Shove the can up the birds a$$ and sit it upright. Season the outside, use a thermometer in the breast of the chicken, set for going off at 165F. (different size birds will cook for different lengths of time -- temp method is best -- usually around 1hr 30 min or so) When done, pull from the oven, tent a piece of foil on the top for 10 min before slicing. Ta-da!


You can marinade it in italian dressing. Yum!


How are you planning on cooking it? Grilling? Baking? Frying? Slow cooking?

I love marinating chicken in teriyaki if I'm going to grill it. You can use regular teriyaki sauce, of course, but Kikkoman makes a really good baste & glaze teriyaki sauce with pineapple that is really good if you want a bottled sauce.

I've also used bottled italian dressing mixed with some balsamic vinegar as a marinade.

When I cook chicken in a crockpot, I have two "go to's" that I use:
1. I pour a whole bottle of BBQ sauce over the chicken and cook on low all day. When cooked right, the meat is very moist and tender, and the "juice" left behind tastes wonderful over steamed rice.
2. Similar to the above but I use a garlic italian dressing/marinade (this one is my personal favorite). It has a really great flavor, and again, the "juice" over steamed rice is wonderful.

For baking, I like to rub chicken with olive oil and coat it with garlic, paprika, rosemary, and pepper.


Dinosaur Barbeque Mojito.

Or if you want something spicy, Dinosaur Barbeque Wango Tango, cut with an equal amount of red wine, white or apple cider vinegar.


i usually like to put bacon salt on my food


Probably too late, but I like Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs - recipe here: Marinade includes Ranch dressing, Worcestershire sauce, rosemary & Olive Oil. Does not need to marinate very long.

If grilling, some yummy accompaniments are:
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus


I like a generous amount of Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime on my chicken. No Sodium, no fat.


Are you roasting it?

Brine that baby! Brining makes the meat juicy and the skin crispy. No need to add more salt on top, as the saltwater seeps down to the bone of your bird.

I usually like to put an apple, half an onion and some cinnamon sticks inside as it cooks. Delicious.


Lately, I'm using a mixture of Todd's cajun dirt plus Emeril's BAM rub. Put a little olive oil on first, then a mixture of the two rubs.


I LOVE Greek seasoning! It's amazing on just about anything... I use it on all sorts of meats & veggies. My bf thinks I use it too much at times...

However for a marinade, for chicken, I like to use Dorthy Lynch salad dressing. I usually marinade it over night at least if not for 24 hours. Bake the chicken as recommended. The chicken stays so moist. It's definitely a favorite of my family after I made it for them. They call it "my (Stephanie's) chicken" lol


Supposedly using a vinegar based marinade can negate the cancerous effects of grilling. I've used McCormick grill mates since I can find them for .99c sometimes at the grocery. Or you can make a dry rub. I'm sure there are any number of options on the www and you can pick what sounds good.

I realize the thread is 2 months old now that I've started typing. I stumbled upon it while investigating a chicken hat.