questionspreferably after a meal?


I think it's mostly so you don't get sick and it's not as hard on your stomach.


some people get stomach upset from any meds. for most of them the only option is to take the meds with food so the stomach will process it faster and it has less stomach acids devoted just to it (also the why some take meds in the middle of meals). most meds do better in the system of disolving (and have a better chance of absorbtion) if there isn't somethin in the stomach to push it out into the intestines faster.


Vitamins that are fat soluble are more easily used by your body when you've eaten. In fact, many things, such as Vitamin D, should be taken with whichever meal you eat that is highest in fat content, so as to absorb it best.

This is also true of many other medications.


Listen to that warning, I screwed up and took a vitamin one morning after not eating and my stomach kicked my ass that day.


Most vitamins have B-Vitamin, which turns your food into energy; also energy drinks are best when you have eaten. Also the bottle can't tell you what to do, it can only Advise you what you should do. So either take the advice or not it depends on the person. I currently take Animal pack, it has 22 different pills just in the pack itself and that’s not including others like fish oil and flax seed oil. But i have to eat something or I’m sick and lose my appetite all day... But like i said it depends on the person and it's just advice =]


Because this is America. You do everything with at least one cheesburger in your belly


What everyone else said RE why take with food. Plus, it says "preferably" because they don't want you to skip your vitamins because you aren't in a position to eat.


It helps with dissolving the pills. I take mine with water, barley malt, select grains, hops and yeast. YMMV.