questionsdoes anyone know where to find cheap storageā€¦


If you're looking for garage/workshop storage, see if your local Habitat For Humanity has a Restore. They sell donated kitchen cabinets at a very reduced price. Great place to look for any type of building materials, electrical fixtures, windows, etc. You never know what you'll find. They often have brand new items donated by stores or builders.


It's for my kids room and I can't believe how expensive the stackable units are! So I thought maybe use 2 wall mount cabinets with doors...or maybe some of those 6 or 9 cube unit things...but then would have to buy the baskets to use in doesn't help that I live in a very rural area with only one grocery


I would suggest Ikea. They have lots of storage items and are generally inexpensive. Their stores are truly huge and definitely worth perusing if there is one in your area. One "toy" storage axample:


I just added a deal on closetmaid cubicals...on sale this week at staples