questionshow do i contact customer service?


(888) 867-5309. Ask for Jenny.


What company are you trying to contact? You have posted your question on what amounts to a community bulletin board. If you are trying to reach customer service, please go to this page and READ:

You can also try going here:

If you have questions about an order you think you purchased from a link listed here on, you will have to contact that particular vendor directly. Check for contact information in the order confirmation email you would have received if/when you placed your order. If you can't find the email, check your spam folder.

Please remember does NOT sell anything. It is merely a place people share links to great deals they have found elsewhere on the internet.


@jsimsace: waits for somebody to actually call that..........


@lavikinga: Stick-in-the-mud....who let the fun out of this place? ;)


@jsimsace: You be nice, you bad ol' thing. I had a bit of a day and needed to bank some karma points. (I also let a few people into traffic. I'm just a paragon of love & helpfulness. Ahem.)


File a complaint with the Attorney General of Texas against woot.

Enough complaints and the Attorney General will have to do something.

They ignore the BBB & E-mails.