questionsdo you think the new vw superbowl ad is…


Not offensive to me at all. But then I'm not offended when a Jamaican-born speaks in a clipped British accent. Or an Hispanic speaks w/a French accent. An native Italian has an American southern drawl.

Some people seem to seek out reasons to be offended. This appears to be one of those times. PC gone awry?


Is it offensive if a Chinese man does a German Accent?

Is it offensive if a black man does an Irish accent?

People need to get over themselves. If you're offended by it, then perhaps you just have issues beyond what a simple conversation could uncover.

Jamaicans aren't offended by it. In fact, the Prime Minister said it was a compliment.


People who get so easily offended offend me.


nope. Anyone offended needs a 2x4 to the face to bring them back to reality.


People think they have a constitutional right that protects them from being offended sometimes. As long as Al Sharpton doesn't get in on this it shouldn't be an issue.


I'm white. I don't think I should get much say in whether this is offensive to some people of color.

I'm not real big on the concept of the speaker determining whether other people should be offended by what the speaker says. Offense is in the ear of the beholder, for the most part.


@magic cave: You said, "I'm white. I don't think I should get much say in whether this is offensive to some people of color."

Okay, I think I understand what you're saying. A question:
As a white person, do you find it offensive that 'some people of color' speak as though they are white?

I know, that wasn't really a fair question, was it? Hoping to get my point across. I do think we tip-toe around too much. We're afraid to voice our opinions for fear they'll offend someone, somewhere, somehow.

Am not a racist. Not even close. Actually, no one knows if I'm black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Aleut, American Indian...or whatever. Will say I abhor racism - the irrational, unfounded belief that your race/heritage is better than another.

This ad does not touch on racism. To me. My opinion only, of course.


Nope, doesn't offend me at all. They're just simply referring to the Bobby McFerrin song, Don't Worry Be Happy.

It's like saying a Korean with a Scottish accent isn't acceptable.


If you stretched, couldn't you say that it is Racist to say that you find that commercial racist?

In a sense, you're saying that a Caucasian can't be a Jamaican.


I love it. Whoever finds it offensive is stretching a bit IMHO.


@joshobra: You sure they're not referring to the Partridge Family song "Come on get Happy?"


I agree.
If you find this commercial offensive, then you're a racist.

I worked with a Black guy- from England. Think gentile BBC, and that's how he spoke.
I worked with a pair of Korean women, 2nd gen Atlanta- I fell in lerv everytime they spoke to me.
I've just worked with a fashion-forward young Japanese woman, her family came from Hong Kong maybe 5 years ago. Blond hair, bright blue contacts, 5'9, 96 pounds. She's inordinately proud of that, it will come up in a conversation. MY folk have been here over 300 years, and she speaks American better than any of us.
I work IT. Unless your mom is sleeping with somebody to get you this job, you get judged on your skills and experience. We need to know what you can do.
So, a white guy from Jamaica? Maybe a little different, but not impossible.


I don't think it's offensive, but I think it's a stupid commercial.


I've been to Jamaica. Lots of white people live there. Some of them speak with that accent. One of my most pleasant memories of Jamaica was sitting in the sun drying off after snorkeling and listening to the island kids chat while they cleaned up the snorkeling equipment and put it away. Both were maybe 17 years old, one was a white gal, the other a black guy, and they both spoke with the same lovely musical island patois. The US is no longer unique in it's racial and ethnic diversity. Most places you travel have people of different races living together, sharing and blending cultural backgrounds. Jamaican accents are not exclusive to black people any more than British accents are exclusive to white people.


@joshobra: LOL. Reminds me of the Japanese mariachi we saw in Yokohama. Here's the video my friend took of it. I have no idea how to embed video so here's the link:

We live on the border so when we saw a "Mexican Restaurant" we just had to try it. Eating something kind of vaguely like enchiladas with chopsticks was hilarious. The guy actually did a pretty good job.


@moondrake: If I remember correctly it's ![I never put anything here](url goes here).

EDIT: I remembered correctly. :)



Embedding YouTube looks like

! [ word here ] ( complete youtube link here )

Without all the spaces, and it has to start with an exclamation point.. same work for pictures as well.

Awesome video by the way!

Edit: @jsimsace beat me to it 8 hours ago. lol.


@rustybender: Yup, I was wrong. Although it did kind of have the same tune to Don't Worry Be Happy. I think the happy threw me off and automatically went to that.

I just read the description and it says the song was "C'mon, Get Happy" by Jamaican artist Jimmy Cliff.

and to add to what I mentioned on the last post, I remember the code by thinking "brackets first".