questionsdoes anyone have suggestions for over the ear…


I absolutely love the JVC HAEBX85Z or HAEBX5B Inner Ear Sports Clip Headphone for 10-11 bucks!
I've washed them in my work out clothes several times and they have excellent sound range. I've given away a dozen of them and have several in my gear and workout bags. None have failed.

Good luck!


I've got a pair of Sony mdr-xb500 over the ear headphones that were about a third of the price of beats and I like them quite a lot. They're comfortable, sound good and block out a lot of outside noise. They're also not so bass-heavy that you can't hear the rest of the music like some other headphones.


These are the ones I use:
Current price is $4.05. They sound quality is good, nothing great, but as I go through a few a year (cord keeps getting snagged and eventually breaks) I will not spend lots of $$$ on expensive headphones.


Koss Porta Pro's. You have to hear them to believe it, trust me. Less than $40 on Amazon.


Man, the kid wants the Beats by Dre.... not for the utility of the headphones - but for the fashion statement they make. He wants to feel cool, and accepted by his peers. I'm having this talk with several aunts/family friends, and even some of the more mature kids that are wanting these crappy plastic 200$ markups. If they want headphones, get GOOD headphones (I use some Shure's, but they are IEMs - not over the ear) and treat them right. If they want to feel warm and fuzzy inside, tell them buying things and falling for marketing hype is not the way to do it, and hopefully they will understand.


Thanks everyone for the answers!!! :) Not sure which I'll get this weekend, but going to look. I'll check Amazon today too. I'm really behind with the shopping.