questionsshould all of the woot sites do a random stuff…


no, but maybe the woot SITES should.


Sounds like a good idea. As long as the price is reasonable and they don't fall into the greed trap "hey, we can make a lot of money if we charge $15 and give everyone $2 crap" Woot! is usually way better about this than other sites and it sounds like the random kids item went over really well. I'd definitely give it a shot. They'd sell more of these than they could imagine if they'd do it with free shipping (even if they rolled the price into the item.)


@kamikazeken: looks like my spell check was in full effect last night.


Too many randoms dilute the randomness of it all.

(Disclaimer: am wearing a woot.shirt today that was a random.)


I'd consider it but only if the randomness were somewhat specialized. (After all, regardless of the graphic, a random shirt is still a shirt,) If it's totally randomized, I'd be more likely to get something for which I have absolutely no use and no storage space.

I'd be more interested in somewhat narrow categories, such as:
wall decor
small kitchen tools or appliances
lawn and outdoor care
decorative items
tabletop items


No. It was an epic fail. They didn't stick to their selection criteria and there were no real savings to be had. Never again.


Absolutely not. I got suckered into the Random Kids.Woot and paid $20 for a pathetic Nat'l Geographic fanny pack that's $9.99 with Amazon Prime. It's not even worth that.

First time I've truly felt ripped off by Woot. Never again.


Isn't that the point of the BOC?


@justagigilo85: BOC is only $8.00 and is clearly advertised that you should have no expectations beyond 3 crappy items and 1 bag. This random sale had stipulations that weren't followed by woot. For the price of this item, you would think it would be twice as good as a BOC, but this was not nearly the case. I think all of my BOCs have been worth more than the items people got in this sale.

Edit: sorry...maybe you were implying the BOC should be used for unloading this crap. If that's the case, I agree.


@bsmith1: I "scored" a BOC once and yeah, that's how I felt: like they were unloading a bunch of random sh!t they couldn't sell. After that, I lost all interest in buying a BOC.


Sure, why not? They're usually leftovers and better deals.


Yea, this seems better than getting a bunch of crap that you're going to inevitably wind up not using or passing off, perhaps in future bags of crap. So it disrupts the circle of crap crap flow, but perhaps we could all be a little less crappy.


No way, the kids one was a real trainwreck with lots of people getting things they promised no-one would get (clothes, shoes, baby items) and others getting stuff worth less than it cost. Unfortunately I don't think the current Woot can be trusted to do random sales aside from the classic BOC, which at least has being dirt-cheap going for it.


To clarify, I think it's a workable idea. Obviously iteration #1 didn't quite pan out, but I'm hoping that's rectified.

I think slashing prices and going garage sale style as they've done across a lot of the woot+ sites recently is a good way to go about it.


@justagigilo85: I've scored around 20 BOCs and they've all been worth the $8. I'm almost always able to use something in the box or gift it to someone who can. Sometimes I sell a nice item I don't need on ebay for a tidy profit. The kids random sale was for only one 1 crappy item for double the price of a BOC.


Having seen how the first one worked out, I'd like to amend my answer above to: "I wouldn't touch it with a pole, but I suppose some people might be willing to give it a second shot."


Unless I can see what the options of "random" are, I'm not going to be buying anything random. I did buy a random bed set, from Tanga, but they showed 6 different possible designs and I would have been happy with any of the 6. The random rugs that were offered by Woot, was a good example. I was more likely to buy one of those rugs, than I am a random t-shirts or BOC, except that I thought the rugs were just plain ugly.


I can see the Woot staff laughing hysterically, as they are putting together the BOCs and other random stuff. I wonder how many times they have just one style of what they are selling as random.


@theco2: I don't know about random sales, but since the folks who get/got BOC's usually posts lists and pictures of the crap, it's pretty easy to tell there's a lot of some stuff and not so much of other stuff.


@mistamoose: humbly requesting pics of you wearing said fanny pack


The only randoms I will buy will be things from Shirt Woot, at least there is a set value of the item so I know what I am getting and will not be ripped off. I may get a design I am not a fan of, but at least the value of the product will not vary widely.


I swear - through my bleary not-quite-awake-yet eyes I honestly read this question as

"Should all of the woot sites do a random stfu sale?"

Which I found to be an awesomely hilarious question.


@bingo969: "Should all of the woot sites do a random stfu sale?"

Yes, please!
I love a good random stfu.


@pinchecat: Good thought. I'll wear the Random Kids.Woot Nat'l Geographic fanny pack with shorts, black socks, and shoes. It's a hot look.


I think that they seriously need to try again and they'd have to make it a bit more enticing than just offering $1 off since soooo many people got burned. I did it and got the tent (which made me very happy) but I would not do it again if the same standards were set.