questionswill you see the movie version of les miserables?


Got a ticket to go see it Thursday night! :)


I will be in attendance at some point over the holidays.


Probably. The wife wants to go.


I'll probably wait for the Blu-ray. Even though Les Miserables is one of the "must-see" musicals, I don't care for it too much (I've seen it twice). There aren't enough standout songs, in my opinion. Not to mention what you said about live music theatre not translating to film. That's the first thing I thought when The Phantom of the Opera was made into a movie. The real reason I want to see this is the cinematography. Judging from the trailer, the sets they put together for this film will look phenomenal in high-definition, which is the one thing you can't create on a stage. That's the same reason I watched Snow White and the Hunstman, even though I'm not into the fantasy genre.


My friend and I will go. We like all the actors. We also go to the theater at least once a week, so we see pretty much all the new films.


@stormshadow999: I'm not the world's biggest Les Mis fan, but I grew up on it, and I have the symphonic recording (every word in the musical) pretty much memorized.

I actually didn't hate the Phantom movie, but Phantom just isn't my thing, so I had nothing to lose.

Now, if they ever manage to make a movie of Into the Woods. . . no, I hope they never make a movie of Into the Woods. Nobody on the planet can do it justice.


Yes. I am impressed with the trailer and love the cast. With the exception of Anne hathaway I love her acting skills but in the siging in the trailer she sounds bad already this scares me...


I'm looking forward to it, it looks pretty good. Plus I don't think I'm ever going to finish the book and I've never seen the play so I don't know much about the story. It will almost be like new to me.


I'll have to wait for the blu-ray. DH hates all things musical theater (opposites attract, I guess) and unless I can find some fellow theater geeks to go with me, I doubt that I'll go alone. Looks beautifully made. I've never seen it on stage and it's been years since I read the book, so I've recently tackled that again.


I'm a really excited! One of the things we will be doing during my visit to my mom's that almost all of us are in agreement about (my brother being the one holdout - he is ok with going, just not really excited since musicals aren't his thing). In fact, you just reminded me to check out ticket options to make sure we get the showing we want.

The trailer at the last movie I went to see already had me in tears, so I have high expectations. I hope I am not let down, but just hearing the music will be good enough for me. I am expecting changes to what I am used to hearing on my old school broadway soundtrack though.


My son was in a stage version earlier this year- played the role of Marius- one of the few that didn't die in the story... he's excited to see the new film, but after seeing the stage production as many times as I did, I'm not all that excited- it is such a depressing story... I'm sure I'll be dragged to see it, though


I may, if I can find someone to go with me, I'm not big on going to a movie alone, never have and probably never will, lol.

I loved the book when I read it in high school, and our teacher had us watch a video of the musical. As I was watching the trailer for the first time, I was that Les Mis?! Yup! So, I'll have to see it, just to see how it looks on film, lol. Let's hope I'm not disappointed.


My son did the show in high school. I think I've seen it enough times. I'll most likely see it when he watches it at home next year.
I don't need to walk around singing everything I say for days on end again.


Yes. Two of my friends will be going with me on the 26th.

STOKED doesn't even begin to cover it. I can't watch the previews without getting choked up.


No. The advertising claims for it have been/are painful to endure. Good for you, though.


I can't wait to see it. I love the musical, though when I saw it a few years ago, it started feeling a bit dated. I'm hoping the movie will make it feel new again.


Yes, absolutely.

I love the musical and have performed in one of the productions in Europe. I must have seen it in 17 languages already as well. The movie looks spectacular, and I wonder how good/bad the singing would be (Gerald Butler was awful for Phantom), but sounds like Hugh Jackman could hold his own, and Anne Hathaway, too.

I also wonder what cuts they have made to make the show shorter. The choices would be interesting.


I'm not sure I'll ever view or read anything that has to do with it...


@lll0228: Hugh Jackman can more than hold his own. Check out the reviews of his performance in Oklahoma! on stage and on film. It turns out that Wolverine can sing.

Yet another reason for Dr. Cox to hate him.


I will probably go.......on my own...

See what I did there?


Jackman is actually a trained triple threat actor, singer, dancer. It's just that most people aren't familiar with him singing and dancing.

Will definitely do to see Les Mis over the holidays.
It's on my must see list with The Hobbit, Anna Karennina, Sky Fall and Lincoln.


@hessem: Russel Crowe is a singer. too. I only know because I find the name of his band hilarious: 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.


@coondogg97: Yes. I will also go on my own. . . but I will be pretending someone is beside me.


@moondrake: Singing in a band (that perhaps no one would know about if he was not in it) is different than singing in what is essentially an operetta. From what I've heard of his singing in Les Mis, it's not pretty.

That's what I love about Hugh Jackman. He's a genuine movie star and he has genuine theater chops. Look up some of his Tony/Academy Award performances on You Tube. He's pretty amazing.

Here's a few:


@curli76: All alone. I'll watch with him till morning.