questionsdid you see that the option to always buy fifteen…


They should allow you to buy 15 of any item and not limit it to just shirts.

Woot no longer sells out of products so why not? The deals are not that awesome that you have to prevent one person from buying your entire stock. In fact, if they let someone buy more, they might get rid of their crap so they don't have to keep reviving the same products over and over again.


@cengland0: Sometimes you are allowed to buy more than 3 of an item, in fact that is often the case in the woot plus deals I've noticed. I recently bought 10 packs of flashlights from a woot Plus sale and during a previous woot off bought either 10 or 12 packs of glowsticks (birthday party prep). Although just as frequently you are limited to three so it is hit or miss.


Now if they'd only offer a good reason to buy 15 ...

I didn't even do so for purple F.C., and from my recent bouts of insomnia and my attempt to combat it, adding to my collection so I have more shirts to count won't help either.


@narfcake: For purple Fresh Cake and Unstealthiest Ninja, I believe your buying formula is:
.5(ABF - 1)