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I mounted a 110-pound tube tv on my wall, and the same mount also held another 25 or so pounds of A/V equipment. I took it down a year ago to replace it with an LCD, but it was up there for about 9 years. And I'm not much of a handyman. I just followed instructions.


NO! Hopefully I never will.

As long as you're hitting studs which most mounts are built for you should be fine. The studs in your wall should be 16" apart, so get a mount that is long enough to span at least 32"-35" so you will hit at least two studs.


Nope, and I've done my fair-share of wallmounting & ceiling mounting TVs and monitors before. If you're on a stud you'll be fine. I have a 32" in my basement mounted to only 1 stud due to the type of mount used. If you're hanging a 46" your mount will most likely go into 2 studs. If you're really that worried buy a stud finder; they're always handy to have around the house anyway. Also I'll recommend not using the screws included in the mounting kits, they're usually cheap quality. I don't have a reason to not trust the included hardware yet, but I still play it safe and spend the extra $2 on some quality bolts from the hardware store.


Me and my one good eye are now offended.


@xarous: Hey man...I didn't mean it. [sniff sniff]. Really.


I highly recommend the stud finder (and knock on walls to be sure) and you know you've hit a stud because it would be really hard to screw things in (it's like screwing into a bone than butter if that makes a fair analogy).

Also just to be sure before mounting the TV in, I would hang like 50 lbs of weight (or however much your TV weighs or however much your mount is rated for) for a day (or less) to see if it holds up, maybe give it a little wiggle too.

My uncle actually mounted a 60-inch a couple months ago.. I'd be heartbroken to see that behemoth fall.


No, but I've heard about it. Most of the stories I've heard come from improper set up. People will buy a smaller/ weaker mount because it's cheaper and it simply cant support the TV. If you buy the right mount and install it properly (possibly on a stud?) I don't see you having any problems.


Trying to remember if I actually did a pullup on the mount before I put the TV on, but four lag bolts into studs would hold me well enough I would sleep there if I could, and I'm a bigger guy. If you followed instructions, you should have nothing to worry about.


When I was a senior in college, I had a brand new 42inch Sony TV. I must have had it for 3 or 4 months. I was moving in to my apartment, and the first thing i did was set upmy TV. I took it out of the box, leaned it up against the wall on the corner of the dresser, and reached down to get the stand. As i reached down the TV shifted just enough to fall off the side of the dresser. I caught it, but not before it left a 14 inch scratch down the screen where the dresser corner dug into the front. It cracked the LCD, leaving the tv ruined. It cost about as much to fix the screen as it did to buy a new tv, and i was pissed. From that moment on i never set up a tv without someone else there to help keep things upright. It hurt to look at. The moment after it happened i heard my roommate say something along the lines of "....what was that?" I was too speechless to answer.


Just make sure you mount into studs.


I got a mount like this one and mounted my 46" on an arm that we move around at least biweekly. I mounted a laptop behind the TV hooked to the TV. I had to mount it when the wife was not home. She is still sure it is going to fall. If you follow the exact instructions. I do not think it will ever fall.
Predrilled holes in the center of the studs. We have it extended like the bottom picture often.

I still torment my wife, by asking if the warranty covers falls. (not to mention the Simpsons when the TV falls in the beginning.


@caffeine_dude: Hey! I have that same mount! I've got a 55 mounted on it just fine. I don't swing it out a lot, but when I do, it's been just fine.


as long as you get a beam, and as long as said beams aren't made of paper, you should be fine.


@xxtheonexx: Holy crap, a college senior that can afford a 42 inch TV?!?!?

So was it crack or weed? Or were a lot of housewives ordering the extra anchovies?


@caffeine_dude: Both mounts that I got from monoprice have held very well. They were very, very heavy duty. One is holding a 32 and the other a 37.


@sgrman05: Use the arm a lot. No one home and I pull it towards the kitchen when I cook. Pull the TV out when watching movies at night and back to the wall when we have traffic. I slid a laptop between the vertical arms. Keyboard away from the TV and the screen open.
I use it with this remote.