questionswhats the best thing to do for a sore throat?


Gargle with salt water. The water should be hot but not so hot it burns your mouth. The salt works to remove the mucous that builds up at the back of your throat. Do NOT drink it. Just gargle and spit out. I guess 1 tsp of salt to 1/4 C hot water is the average's super salty and tastes fair nasty but does work.

Also, Chloraseptic spray works well. Also tastes completely horrible. I usually gag on it, but it numbs really well.

If your throat is really sore, see a DR. because it may be strep and that calls for antibiotics. You will know if you need to see a Dr. because strep makes it very, very painful to swallow.


@dreamyvelvet: Havent thought about the Salt Water trick, ill try that shortly. Is there a timeline i should be on for that? like every hour or when there is a lot of Gunk Build up?

As far as how it feels, it's kinda like a lot of needles in the back of my throat, which makes it really hard to talk and swallow my chicken noodle soup =P

Is it the start of the FLU???!?!?!


@sennetb: Probably not the flu. With the flu you get a fever and major body aches, as if every joint you own is broken. Sore throats are more likely to be some sort of bacterial infection or strep, and either one requires an antibiotic to clear up. If your sore throat isn't markedly better in 3-4 days, you need medical care. Also, strep is contagious, so do your friends and co-workers a bit favor and stay away from them till you know for sure what you have.


Who needs to see a doctor when i Got people who are Black Triangles They are all knowing, =P no need for a PHD lol

Any more advice? things i should stay away from or i should eat?


I get sore throats a lot. I usually just gargle warm salt water and drink chocolate milk. If I have strep then I get a Z-pack from the doctor which helps it go away in a couple of days.


I thought Milk made it worse? because thats more Goup on your throat? also whats a Z-pack and can you only get it from the doctor?


Another great home remedy to be used in conjunction with arevan's would be to make a cup of hot tea and add a little bit of honey and lemon juice. A tasty and natural way to soothe a sore throat.


I usually brush my teeth (but mostly tongue and other mouth areas) to disinfect it a couple times a day, gargle with mouth wash or salt water (whichever is more readily available), and loosen up my sinuses and clean out all of the mucus. I just won a battle similar to yours a couple of weeks ago and some people I'm with who ended up getting it just got out of it a few days ago.


I kinda did that already =] Jumped in the shower and made it as hot as possible to get some moisture in the air and brushed my teeth and mouthwash, it just started yesterday but im going to win this battle before the weekend comes!!!

Salt water
works for a Quick fix = stops the scratch on the back of my throat for atleast 10 min or so, unless i cough, then its back to being itchy again

Cough drops
They work up till there gone.. and only work on wich ever side of your mouth there on so say right side of my cheek then the right side of my throat isn't scratchy..

Hot Chicken noodle soup with extra salt
Worked for a little while till i coughed... made me feel sleepy as well. but i put more salt in it to be like salt water gargle. Same resualts.

When i make it im supposed to have 3 in a 24 hour time frame im up to 5 already. they are nice drinks and make my throat feel better. but still scratchy.

Havent tryed Tea yet any suggestions for Tea or anything else


try a hot toddy....and everything else mentioned - but if none of these help go to the doc because untreated strep can have lasting effects


@sennetb: I would hope you wouldn't normally seek out a Ph.D. for medical advice, either.


Long story short zinc and vitamin C.

This will shorten any cold. I do not take this daily as zinc upsets the tummy.

(I agree with @dreamyvelvet's first post too.)
@gretchena is right about strep

I found out about this after eating Cold EEZE. My cold went away in 2 days. I tested the theory. Cold EEZE is a bit high priced for my taste so I just take the vitamins. It seems to be working with others too.


My dad used to cut up raw ginger and boil it in water... Kind of a ginger tea. He added rock sugar in it... It was spicy and I cried having to drink it, but it works.


I like to go with hot peppermint tea for a sore throat.


Pour a shot of brandy and mix in teaspoon of honey, and a little bit of lemon juice. Then heat up the mixture in the microwave. Alcohol cures everything that ails you -- momentarily.


Benadryl to reduce irritation from histamines being released in the body. Ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and pain. Zinc for immune boost. Drink plenty of fluids. Mucinex if you have gunk building up. If your head is getting stuffed up as well take some pseudophedrine (yes, you have to fill out paperwork and show ID) and nasal spray.

It is a great recipe for reducing cold symptoms.


Have you tried chloraseptic spray? when I had a bad soar throat my brother recommended it he worked at a pharmacy as a pharmacy tech, he said the pharmacist always recommended it.


Fellow wooters, you are AWESOME


Equal parts Jack, Honey, and Lemon.


@missallergic123: Actually i did, i had it next to me in bed when ever i would start to cough. But it only made it worse because i numbed it for a little while which made me swallow more water easyer but once it went away it was really rough to drink or eat anything.


@kentobi: It's the weekend for me tom. I will try this out and let you know lol should the Jack be warm?