questionswhat are your thoughts on kohl's sales?


Yes. You can get some really great deals with a few stackable coupons and a sale. I recently got a leather ottoman set for about $30 that way.


We have a running joke in my family. The gist of it is if it's a weekend and someone suggests going to Kohl's, a second person will point out that Kohl's might just if we're very lucky be having a sale. And then everyone pretends to be shocked at this development. (Maybe you have to be there.)


I love when they send me $10 off $10 coupon cards :)


I wouldn't say we get excited, but their sales are good so we do take advantage of them.

I would never buy anything from there unless it was on sale, their regular pricing is crazy high.


Love stackable coupons $ Kohl's cash. Got 45% off, free shipping & had $30 Kohl's cash. Got a lot of stuff for very little money.


If they really wanted me to save money they would give me one product a day that I absolutely must have and they would make it extremely easy to buy with a great big "buy it" button.

Coupons are so much work...


Kohls is my go-to place for jeans and such, just have to make sure they are are having a sale. LOL!


You can definitely grab some good deals by stacking coupons and/or Kohl's cash. They are the only place I know where the coupons have no exceptions, so you can get brands like Levi's, etc. that are excluded elsewhere. I gave up on Macy's long ago because their coupons are so inane even the employees don't know what items you can use them on. It is the one store credit card I keep because of the regular 30% off discounts.
One basic rule of shopping at Kohl's, if the discount is over 50%, it is a real "sale" and time to scoop it up.


them and Macys, they both have the best sales ever every week. Really?
Ok full disclaimer, I shop at both but still... Their "sales" are just ads to stop by and think of them. When I need new work clothes I go to them first, I won't lie


I get a $10.00 off coupon in the mail each month, coupled with another 10% coupon I find online plus it's always Take an additional % off and it's practically free.


I love them. I have to ration my trips because I always find that thing, that I didn't really need, but it's like, $2 and if I get these jeans that are $12/pair, I can grab something else and score Kohl's cash... They are the never ending cycle that feeds my shopping addiction.

Sidenote- I really don't get the downvoting for asking a relevant question. Kohl's is a purveyor of deals... Or, did you use the downvote to say that you think Kohl's sales are crap?


anyone who pays full price at kohls is either a raging lunatic or truly part of the "1%"

however, there are AMAZING sale deals there. I love shopping the clearance racks whenever there is a $10 off $20 coupon.

Back when it still worked, I loved using the gmail "dot-trick" to get dozens of $5 off $5 coupons every week, I'd take the wife and we'd stop at about 4-5 kohls in the area, and walk with about $100 in stuff for about $10 out-of-pocket. Passing a kohls on a trip somewhere else? Spend 10 minutes to stop in and get some free or near-free stuff. Baby clothes were the best deals, often the clearance prices are under $3 per item, so with the $5 of coupon, you could get two items for under $1. Clearance glassware? you bet, I've got about 4 different sets of handmade glasses the were originally priced $9.99 or more EACH. I still have a huge stash of hallmark cards for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc that we basically got for free with the $5/$5 coupon.


When I see the people hanging the $10 off $20 coupons on doorknobs in the area, I find them and ask for a stack of 10 or 20.


I've never shopped from Kohls before. Did recently (online) because of all the coupon codes floating around. I actually placed 2 orders within a 48-hour period. Love that their codes are stackable and that I got $15 just for shopping (Kohls cash)! I will definitely be checking them out more often.