questionsneed help finding a microwave fuse...


try They have a lot of random electronics and replacement parts.

Your best bet would be to see if you can find the model number of that particular part. If you've still got the owners manual of the microwave, it should be there. If not, google the model of the microwave itself and you should be able to come across a parts list, which will give you the model of the part itself.

If a site like frys doesn't carry it, then just search the part itself and if it's available OEM, the search should yield where to buy it

EDIT: just noticed the "can't seem to find online" part of your question. Not quite sure if that would negate my entire response, but I'll leave it just in case something above is useful. How old is the microwave? It might be worth calling the manufacturer


Looks like eBay might have what you're looking for. Would this work? I have no clue, as I'm terrible with electronic components, but it says 5 Kv and .75 A (which I assume is amps).


@captainsuperdawg: Sounds to me like you solved this "problem" perfectly, but I didn't click on the link you provided.


... and go fig that I just recycled the one I had here on Thursday (dead magnetron, wasn't worth fixing). I would've been able to desolder the fuse for ya.


Fuses don't blow willy-nilly. My guess is you'll replace the fuse, and it will just blow again. Probably a bad magnatron.