questionsare controversial questions not allowed?


Yes, but you need the secret handshake to really know what they are.


Here's one from yesterday on gay marriage that didn't get deleted:

I'm sure it depends on how heated the debate is getting more than the topic itself. Although, some topics will immediately result in heated debate no matter what, so Woot probably just removes them before there's a chance.

Personally, I just assume keep things light around here. If I want to discuss politics, I can go to a million other sites that will make my blood boil...


@wnyx585am: I am surprised that did not get deleted. We did show the mods that we could discuss it without them needing to pew pew pew (I think, unless they deleted so fast I did not catch any).


There was already a thread on this topic as mentioned above.

Please continue the conversation in that thread.