questionswhen you need printer toner do you go with oem…


I've had good luck with replacement toner cartridges from
Note they don't have a very large selection but what they do is very well priced IMO.


I had bad luck with ebay generics for my Samsung ML-1740. The teeth ground. So I buy OEM and fill them 1 time.

I do intend to try Monoprice, I trust them to make it right if it is not.
This is for laser printer toner. We do not own ink-jet printers. No chips to replace.

Reread your question:
Is the printer under service contract? Will non-oem toner violate the contract?
For a $700 work printer, using work money is it work the gamble? Will you be held responsible if the toner damages the printer?


@caffeine_dude: I think the printer had a 1-year warranty....I'll check on Monday. I won't be held accountable if something screws up.


I've been happy with the cartidges I get from Meritline. I did get one with a bad chip in it, but customer service f replaced it immediately with no questions asked. I've been feeding Meritline generics to a whole host of printers: Samsung, Brother, Canon, Xerox, and Okidata. All of them are variations of "laser" printer, I don't have any ink jets.


OEM only. I've had to many problems with aftermarket and refills.


Ditto, same here.
I never had a problem with reman cartridges from meritline. Maybe 1 or 2 were "95%" but they were always good. And for $20 ... I get 3.
I was really surprised when a friend went to Staples to get me a HP Laserjet cartridge. It was just over $120, with tax! I could have bought 4 or 5!!!!
I've had spotty results with local refills. Some were very good, some had odd shading areas.

One refill blew toner all over the wall at the office. But look at the money we saved!
The secretaries came out with a rating system. The OEMs were for important stuff, and this refill cartridge was for you and me stuff, and this one was for emergencies only. They also had figured out the refiller's refill code- a series of burned dots for the # of refills the cartridge had gotten. Anything with 5 dots was auto suspect; and if you found you had a bad one a couple more dots might get added.


We use re-manufactured toner cartridges without any troubles, but I will say the total number of prints will vary quite a bit.


I've had good luck with reman cartridges. I got mine from TonerGreen, and have had NO problems in a hp 3550 color or hp2300n b&w.


I killed an inkjet printer several years ago with a refill cartridge; now we just spring for OEM HP products. Pricey, but it's my home unit so the cartridges last quite a while.


I never use refills, I have read to many bad things about them. I will go for an aftermarket product first and foremost if I can find one, since they are cheaper usually, but only if there are some reliable positive reviews for the product. Last resort I will go with the expensive oem brand.


I hate to say this, if it is for work OEM. No chips to worry about, no warranties to void. My ML-1740 will print the first refill, the second refill it will just stop printing on one side, without warning, the first time I tossed the refilled cartridge, after looking on the net and not finding an answer, the 2nd time, I searched much longer and found it could be reset.

If you do get non-oem make sure you get one from someone that has been around for a while, like Monoprice.


For color ink-jet, nothing but problems from the aftermarket scene for me.

For B&W laser, never once had an issue with aftermarket. But it's just my home printer. Little use and little risk.

I say go with OEM. Can you afford for your printer to have problems with an aftermarket cartridge? Will work come to a grinding halt? But the real kicker is the time it took you to go through the cartridge you're using now. 14 months on one cartridge is a long time. An extra $115 bucks over 14 months of guaranteed service is money well spent IMO.