questionswhich deals.woot users do you recognize?


Well I guess I would be the new guy that just moved to town last semester and has taken it upon himself to befriend everybody. A bit quite at times but smart and kinda the outdoorsy type.


I don't fall into a group. I am totally unique, just like everyone else... So I won't conform to society =/


I don't remember any names, but I do recognize the unique avatars.


I recognize a bunch of the usernames. I don't know those people personally but do know them from deals.woot.


@cengland0: That's what we call being "Elevator Friends." You see the same people every day in the elevator & exchange pleasantries, but you wouldn't lend them money or take them to the airport.


I barely know myself.

After seeing The Breakfast Club, I try to avoid placing people into boxes and pre-judging them.

Does that answer your question?

DON'T YOU.... FORGET ABOUT ME. Don't don't don't don't.


Why is everybody talking about themselves? I thought the question was who else do you recognize/remember?


I think we need more questions about woot users. More questions. More of them.



@thepenrod: I don't recognize any of you.


Oh, wait.

Much better.
Hi folks! :)

(I get so confused first thing in the morning.)


@xarous: Damn your eyes. You made me REALLY sad. I miss some of those people. I really, really miss them.



Nice Hobbit...... We likes Hobbits......


@xarous: I am still mad at heymo for introducing me to Meritline. I, also, miss those from before The Change. I really miss The Flounder's THWACKs which were always deserved.


I've been around awhile, since 2010 and try to help people on here mainly with Video game things (big surprise considering my username right) There are many users out there I recognize and many that I respect and value their comments.

As of late though I feel as deals.woot has been over-crowded with people making the really good deals that are posted fewer. I feel like I have to wade through the bad ones to find the good ones. It also becoming harder to post a good deal because so many recent people spam post deals from a website (some have had dozens) kind of like wootbot.

I am loosing faith in deals.woot and use it much less then I used to. I may stop by once or twice a day versus when I used to keep a tab open and refresh every couple of minutes.


@thepenrod: I do not think it means what they think it means.