questionsanyone have any advice on covertly drinking wine…


Really? The details of this make it seem legit but I have this feeling there's a Troll hidden under this bridge.


Seems like a waste but if you must and put your name on it so your kids do not sip the Kool-Aid:


@carl669: That was pretty much what I had in mind, just without being see-through (I guess that is what brown paper bags are for, right :) ). The wine rack product also looks pretty cool! Now, if only they had it in in a underwear model for men! And, thank you for taking my question seriously and answering without calling me names!


It doesn't matter what you put it in, as soon as you drink it, you will do one of these, and get caught.


lol...Even if I drink water like that too? I say, if your not sticking your pinky out when drinking anything, you are just low class ;)


I dunno, but I can always put the wine desires on hold when I'm in public. If I can't consume without hiding it, then I'll wait until I get home. It isn't worth the hassle of hiding it, and it certainly isn't worth the consequences if I get busted.


@caffeine_dude, I liked that idea too, as I already own one of those cups but it's too bad it's see-through. However, a friend recently told me that a Trenta sized Starbucks coffee cup should hold a whole bottle of wine!


@benyust2: Cop, what you drinking?
If white wine: grape juice
If red wine: grape juice.
If dark red: grape juice.
Not exactly a lie.

Better then:

not as silly as

Not as good as @carl669: link.


@kylemittskus: That was what I was leaning towards but all of mine are somewhat translucent (but that never stopped me from drinking a whiskey sour from it on the golf course). I just feel like the dark purple red wine in one of those will kind of stand out. I'm sure I could find a solid colored one that you can't see through.


Um... have you thought about going to bars, or other venues where it's legal to consume alcohol in public? There are beaches and parks that may be okay with it as long as you're not using glass containers.


@nmchapma: Could you (the comments voters, or anyone that has an opinion on this) let me know exactly what I said to cause this remark? I really attempted to ask this question in a way as to not offend anyone (and I really can't figure out how this makes me a troll - I'm not even really sure what that term actually means). I'm not trying to sell anything or after votes - I'm just looking for some advice. It is fine if you don't want to give any advice but I'm really having a hard time understanding what was wrong with the question.


Why not just a plastic cup, or a travel coffee mug?


You need one of those backpacks with a bladder in it. Something like these:
Stay hydrated!

Edit: if you drink box wine, take the bag of of the card board and stuff that in any back pack. Then stick the nozzle out of the zipper and take a "pull" every now and again.


Go retro with a wineskin!

Also, I hear one of those bat and dugout setups work well for covert imbibery of the vaporous variety.

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I wouldn't hide it. Juice comes in many colors. Everyone has some weird tea they drink all the time. Just use your favorite zippy cup and have a good time.


Um, "technically illegal" is illegal. You're okay with teaching "family" (does that include kids?) that it's okay to break laws if you don't expect to get caught?

I'm with @wilfbrim on this one; hold off on the drinking urge until you're in a legal place.


Don't be a drunkard? If you can't be out in public without sucking booze down your food hole, you might have a problem.


@magic cave: Not so much that it is OK to break laws if your not getting caught, more about not worrying about breaking random victimless laws (and I'm not teaching anyone anything - I wouldn't be doing this when my son is with me). If I'm not harassing others, damaging property, causing a disturbance, etc, what is wrong with drinking a half of a glass of wine as I walk around a park? I decided several years ago that I wasn't going to let government regulations determine how I live my life. And, I will teach my son that (as well as following basic morality).


Just drink the wine out of a non-see through travel mug? Carried a wine glass around? Forgo the wine and just have fun outdoors?

If strictly on a walk - good exercise - I would forgo wine . Warmer weather + any alcohol will = dehydration.
Important point for overall health. Many don't even realize that they are dehydrated, or in process of dehydrating.
Walk may turn into a jog or a toss of a frisbee or other fun. Adding more exercise to heat. Plus,you will want to have sharp skill set for games. Ariel and Fre` have some tasty al. free wine . Wiil quench thirst, give varietal flavor(sans warmth ) You tried those? Or be creative w. virgin cocktail. Water best,add garnish.

OTOH Walking to a destination is a different beast imho. Going to beach /park to sit & watch sunset /view/people and share the moment w. friend(s) and/or spouse, wine might be nice.Either nalgene( LLBean selection has colors). If glass issue to preserve flavor, temp. Find old glass lined thermos. to cont'



Just wanted to add :

Imho, walking & drinking w. young kid(s) not cool. Not just if illegal ( you addressed that) , but it sends message to impressionable mind that their company is not enough. Kids are sponges. Their radars are very sensitive. That may not be true. But evidence points otherwise. You might miss looking at a cool bug or playing tag or something else important as your mind is chillaxin. Nothing wrong w/ doing that. But time and place. Especially if you are at work all day. Yes you need you time. But when it's kid time. Let it be kid time.

And of course, back to the illegal part. You have given him tips on how to avoid adult and other authority detection of drinking when he hits the party age. He'll figure out enough of that on his own.

PS Point was just to point out something maybe you hadn't thought about. If you did. That's great !


I get the feeling this thread wouldn't exist any longer if it asked for advice on quietly toking up.


I would just pour some white wine in a Sobe life water bottle. I have used the Fuji apple pear flavor because it looks just like white wine! And all those that are so against drinking wine on a walk... I don't know why you bothered replying to this thread. Who cares if someone wants to sip on wine and take a stroll... Sounds like a good time to me! I used my wine water bottle trick when going to a baseball game. I think wine makes everything more enjoyable. Cheers!