questionsroku or apple tv?


I love my Roku and with Plex I can listen to all my music or watch my library of movies. I bought my daughter a Roku after she had the Apple TV. She liked the Roku better in some ways, but the connectivity to her laptop (Mac) was better on Apple TV. She still uses both plus ChromeCast. She is a big TV watcher though. I guess it all depends on what you want it for. All 3 do Netflix and Hulu plus other channels. I know Roku has Amazon, HBO, and Crackle.


I have an AppleTV and a Roku2. The AppleTV is faster, but I am getting a Roku3 for faster speed and the headphone jack, and some other incidentals. AppleTV also integrates with various Apple/OSX/iOS apps which Roku will not do. I like both systems for what they are and the cost is still a fraction of paying for satellite/cable, even with a $7.99/mo. HuluPlus sub.


I own a Roku but I prefer Android based devices.. they don't have the manufacturer imposed limitations something like the Roku/Apple TV (Assuming you're getting this for Netflix/etc)

For set-top boxes I'd say pick up one of these:
Not necessarily that one specifically, but something along those lines. (If you've never heard of it XBMC is uber-powerful/popular media software.)

I'll be getting another media box myself, and right now the Sero 7 Pro Tablet w/ Bluetooth remote is at the top of my list.. It has an HDMI out port so it can push video with no problem. It's also a quad-core tablet w/ 1gb of RAM - so it can handle anything else you throw at it.. It's also only $80 on sale.

Or, if you don't need all that jazz, the lite is $54:

You do however lose some of the simplicity the Roku/AppleTV offer.


Roku hands down. And, although its not part of the discussion, buyer beware of the Simple.TV. Not all that its cracked up to be, even by Woot standards. Anyway, I started with the original Roku, and upgraded to Roku 2 to get added features like WATCHESPN app, which I really enjoy. I'm already consideering the Roku3, but not having speed or connection issues like some of the other postings.


The pricing and content determined which unit I ended up streaming a movie or show upon since I have had and enjoyed both over the years.


@d9880189: What exactly do you get to watch on that WATCHESPN app? No live sports that you'd want to see, that's a given but what other content?


I have always used a WDTV live to watch all my movies/bluray rips as it automatically downloads the movie covers and plots..and it handles uncompressed bluray rips even at 50gb's. But, I also have an apple tv 3, and I absolutely love it because of one jailbroken app.. called movie box....all new movies in hd format and every tv show under the sun....with no commercials!!! and the app is free!! and you can download to watch later or you can stream them...and I play the movies/tv shows on my 60" Samsung LED tv from my iphone using the apple tv3..and for that reason, I can't live without my apple tv!


I don't have a Roku (yet), so I can't really say anything about it. But it is a really good option compared to the AppleTV and I've heard a ton of good things about it.

It all depends on what you plan to use it for.

If you have an Apple device, I would get the AppleTV.

I've had an AppleTV for like two years now and it gets used quite often for the following purposes; Netflix 95%, AirPlay 4%, other 1%. There is a ton of other features that has been added since the advent of AppleTV; including HuluPlus, Crackle, YouTube, CrunchyRoll and Vevo.

I also got a Chromecast recently for my bedroom and honestly, I like it better than the AppleTV.

1) My phone (or w/e device) is the remote. I've always wanted to super-glue my AppleTV remote to a large piece of wood sometimes because I lose it so often.
2) Doesn't drain batteries from my device (depending on what you do).
3) AirPlay isn't supported. Chromecast is severely limited, but for my usage and pricing.. is worth it.


Roku. Unless you live, completely, in the Apple world Roku is far more flexible. That and Apple is the focus of evil in the modern world.


I would use a streaming device for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Crackle, YouTube, MLBTV, and HBO Go. I have xfinity and for some stupid reason, they don't allow HBOGo on Roku w/xfinity. Does HBOGo w/xfinity work on AppleTV???


@deniro444: Yes, it does since June 2013. Chromecast also plays HBO-To-Go with Xfinity.


Roku 3 is awesome in multiple ways. You can't go wrong.


ROKU, without a doubt. We had the Roku 1 and 2 and just recently bought the Roku 3, which is faster than the other 2 together. We purchased it to watch our favorites, including thru our Amazon subscription, Glenn Beck, Netflix, and others. A LOT of the selections are FREE and a lot of $subscriptions, so if you plan on getting rid of your TV, the Roku is for you. Saves you tons of money. I can download anything video or audio and play it thru my Roku 3 to my TV because it has a USB port and another app that allows you to connect to your home networked PC. I can also access the Roku thru my tablet (wi-fi) because the Roku 3 IS either wi-fi or wired. (your choice). I used to have the WDTV which is very limited.

ROKU 3 - HANDS DOWN, is the very best unless you are a MAC fan, then stick with the AppleTV.


Most definitely Roku! I purchased the Roku3 about 2 months ago to replace my original Roku XDS which I purchase a little more than 3 years ago. The speed improvement is fantastic. There are also additional new features that make this unit great.

In case anyone is wondering, if you add a new unit to your existing Roku account it will automatically add all of the channels, which you currently have, to it, including the "secret" channels.


I've had both and I prefer the Apple TV mostly because it connects to my Apple devices. However both serve the same purpose. Depends on what you want to accomplish with it. It's really handy if you have Apple devices like an iPhone because you can search something in the YouTube app on your phone and then make it play on your Television through your Apple Tv.