questions11x17 color laserjet printer, looking for one


I believe you will not find such an item at the price you are hoping to pay. Generally, color laser printers that handle larger formats are in the range of $1500 to $6000. Here's a list of 14 possibilities from Nextag:

Note that only the first link has an item at $500, and that link is all refurbished printers, and all monochrome (they have "color printer" as part of the description). I think you will be paying around $1000 for a refurbished printer, truthfully.

Others may have better information, or better luck.

[Edit] Sorry, just noticed that I excluded anything that wasn't HP. Here's a new link, with others (but you still will not like the prices):


@shrdlu: Thanks for the response, those are prices I have been seeing also. Maybe I will just have to rely on the local print shop to print what I need until I can afford to buy one, or find a decent price on a used one

Thanks again for your help!!