questionsdo you prefer a hard sandwich roll or a soft roll?


I have to agree with your wife for the most part, but I guess it depends on the filling. For a normal lunch meat sandwich/burger, I'd go soft bun. If it was something like a Reuben however, I'd go for the more crisp option.


I definitely prefer a soft bun. I hate it when I bite into a piece of bread and crumbs and flakes rain everywhere. I especially hate it when bread is so crusty that it scratches up my lower gums. To me the perfect white bread bun has a bit of crustiness on the outside, but not enough to flake or crumble, and is very soft the rest of the way through, mildly sweet to contrast with the savory meat and cheese inside. I expect darker breads to be a little more substantive, but to have a seasoned skin rather than a crusty one. I also expect darker breads to have a strong flavor, if it is oat bread I should taste oats, rye and pumpernickel bread should taste of rye and caraway, etc. A serious pumpernickel should be very dense and rich with complex flavors.


Crusty bread is always better, but I still love a good soft roll.


@lichme: You are absolutely right. All depends on the filling.


I prefer a softer bread/roll. I generally don't like condiments on my sandwich so crustier bread is just too dry for my preferences.


I like the bread that rips up the roof of my mouth.

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That reminds me of a story a an ex-New Yorker coworker told about his business trip to NYC with another coworker. The first time they went out for lunch the guy that had never been to NYC before ordered a sandwich and the waitress asked if he wanted it on a soft or hard roll. He was offended because he thought he was being asked to choose between fresh and stale bread.

I prefer soft rolls. I assume the people who like hard rolls grew up with them and have protective calluses built up in their mouths.


Yep, @moondrake pretty much covered it. A fresh Dutch Crunch roll is perfect-- lightly crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. I always have to fight with sourdough. Darned sourdough...