questionswho can find me a decent netbook for under $250…


Have you considered a Chromebook? Samsung for $249 or Asus(?) for $200.


I have, but I'm very wary of not being able to work offline. . . I would absolutely need word processing capabilities online but I couldn't figure out if I can save items to the computer or if I would have to upload them. Also, do chromebooks have usb ports? Thanks.


I have a Samsung. You must use Google's word processor and save it to google's drive in the cloud. You can work offline and it will save it after you get back online. The last 100(?) files you opened will be available while offline. You can do the same with email. I find it to be no problem. Other's can weigh in if they want. Yes, they do have USB ports.


The TODAY part led me to think you did not want to order online, so I found this at Walmart. $228

Acer Espresso Black 10.1" Aspire One AOD270-1410 Netbook PC with Intel Atom Dual-Core N2600 Processor with 6-cell battery and Windows 7 Starter

to check store availability.


@morriea: Sorry, I actually did mean to order online. Truth be told, there's no Walmart near me. . . And yet I still live in America.


You may find an 11.6" Acer netbook in stock at a local Target for $229. I think it's a discontinued model, but it's been lingering at my local Target for months at that price.


Hmmm... I know you want a netbook but have you considered the $249 Chromebook (the Samsung, ARM version one)? It seems to have really good battery life and uses the (either hate it or love it) Chrome OS.

I know Google also has a $199 model of their Chromebook made by Acer with an 11" screen. (Similar in size and style to a lot of other Acer/Gateway Netbooks) although this model only sports a 4-cell battery so you won't get much in terms of battery life.

Another thing is I've noticed some newer netbooks sporting Celeron processors instead of Atom ones. I think this would be a smarter way to go (as long as you are willing to trade of a bit of battery power for performance). In my personal opinion the atom processor is just too under-powered. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Good luck.


@jyoz22: Thanks, I do not want a Chromebook. I'm not ready to make that leap.

But as it turns out, netbooks are very much out of vogue and hard to find. So now I'm looking for an inexpensive laptop. . . possibly a refurb.


@curli76: lol I think I just posted on your other question without realizing it was the same person. Check out my post on your other question I found a good laptop at Target although its selling out fast (at least in stores near me).


Updating for anyone following:
I finally made the decision to buy a brand-spanking new Asus Vivobook. It's more than I wanted to spend, and I think Windows 8 is pretty wonky, but I'm enjoying having a new computer for the first time in several years.

Of course, a day after I bought the computer, the Asus Transformer w/dock that I'd been considering forever went on sale on Woot!, but I decided to stick with the actual computer.