questionshas anyone tried a cat genie litter box?


ok. no personal experience (don't need live animals to add to my messy home).
however mom had one, liked it so much she bought two more. (did i mention she has "a few" cats?)
the hardest part is getting dad to install them.
they have one minor issue with it--there is a button on the top for touch start (if you don't want to use the auto program) the cats like to walk on top of it. thus meaning that it would be running basically all the time. they just turn it off and on as needed instead (if you don't have a house FULL of cats this wouldn't be an issue).
they found someplace that was running a sale and got a fair discount too (no, i don't know where).


@moosezilla: Well, that's encouraging (both that it is possible to be cheaper and that they seem to work)!


not sure what the Cat Genie is but I've had a litter maid for 10 years now and it still works great to this day


when we had FOUR CATS in our house, we bought a cat genie to manage the, uh, traffic. it worked well. i think we overloaded it a bit, because FOUR STINKIN' DIRTY CATS, but generally it put up with an awful lot & kept tickin'.

it is a cumbersome thing, however, & occupies quite a bit of space. prolly not much more than 1-2 regular boxen would, but you have to situate it in a laundry room or bathroom, so you might be a little more limited re: location options.

also, periodically you'll find you have to disassemble & clean the parts just to get rid of any incidental tinkle spray or dingleberries.

not as noisy as a littermaid, but does make some sounds when it processes and flushes the doings. also, you'll come home & discover a urine/poo slurry sitting in your toilet.
but! you flush it & it's gone. no scooping!

once we became a 2-cat household again & moved to a place where square footage was scarce, we reverted to traditional boxen. but overall? i'm a fan.


oh! also, the special pebbles that you have to use with the cat genie do track a leetle more than regular ol' litter. i think i might have been a terrible housekeeper, however, so YMMV.


My former roommate has one and 2 out of 3 of her cats use it regularly she has to keep a regular litter box for the 3rd one. I guess that's 1/3rd less litter to clean, and you know what meatloaf said. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.


I tried it once, and I've never been invited back to their house.


Ok, this looks awesome. My husband doesn't believe that our cats (2) would use it. But I have faith! Or wishful thinking? I'm seriously thinking about this, especially since the spot we have our litter boxes right now could easily be converted to handle this.