questionsdoes anyone wear cufflinks? anybody..?


I don't personally, but I know people who do. They're real people just like you and me, only with cufflinks.

I think the real question is, "does anyone dress up anymore?" I rarely see people dress up very much - even for special occassions. That seems to be an outdated notion anymore. Recently, my daughter had a piano recital in which hardly anyone bothered dressing up more than jeans and a t-shirt. When I was young and had a piano recital, most people dressed in their Sunday best. Same thing goes for weddings, funerals, and church.


I wear them everyday... They add a certain "finish" quality to a suit ensemble. It is also a great way to express your interests... For example, one of my favorite pairs are my starship enterprise cufflinks... Geeky, yes; but pretty cool too... Others I love ... A pair of old style baseball gloves, and many other semi precious stone combinations that match my ties...

A little extra work in the morning, perhaps, but not much... Looking natty in a professional setting is always an asset in the business world!


The men at the office I work at wear them all the time. Our office has not gone casual at all and refuses to do it.

I was just in board meetings last Tuesday and took notice to the cuff links a partner was wearing because in my mind they actually didn't compliment his shirt and tie. But yes, cuff links are still alive and well.


Cufflinks rule. You'll see when your high tech button pops off at the most inappropriate time.


@wnyx585am: That doesn't make it ok to look like a slob however. I'm going to a wedding today and I can bet there will be over 5 people in jeans.. which is a down right tragedy.


@druke: You are correct.

I used to wear them all the time, though in my new office wearing a button down shirt raises eyebrows because that's considered borderline too dressy.

Operas, weddings, church, plays... I don't mind dressing up. The key is to make sure things fit, then dressing up isn't a big deal, and can be really comfortable.


I'm a girl and some of my shirts have French cuffs requiring cuff links. Luckily for me, I have a pair of gold cuff links that belonged to my mother.
I like to see a man in a bespoke shirt sporting a nice set of cuff links. It adds a bit of polish. One of the reasons I began watching Mad Men was to see handsome men dressed well.


I've been wearing them for years. I inhereited both of my grandfathers collections from the 60's. Then I bought some more and now have my own collection of about 45 pairs. 10 years ago it was hard to find french cuff shirts unless you went to really high end stores or just bought a stark white shirt from Macy's usually intended for someone in the service industry. But they are back in style now and you can find shirts in all sets of colors and prints. Some of the newer cufflinks I've purchased seem cheaply made compared to the older ones. You can usually find collections of nice old cufflinks from estate sales on Ebay and score a dozen pairs for $20.


In addition to some formal wear, I have several shirts (picked up when Indochino was doing deals here) that require them. I grabbed some nice but cheap ones from Meritline, including the Star Trek ones.


People certainly don't dress up much anymore. I worked for many years in a management/HR consulting position for which I was expected to dress professionally, (one Director required that I wear a jacket over a dress, regardless of whether it looked good). When I took an HR Director job at a company where few employees had face to face contact with the public, dressing down took some serious adjustment (and a new wardrobe!). When I dressed up for work I was always asked if I had a job interview. My new employer not only offered "Blue Jean Fridays" (a new concept for me), but later expanded that by allowing various fundraisers (March of Dimes, for example) to sell "Blue Jean Passes" for other days of the week. Nowadays only Mondays and Tuesdays are completely jean-free.

I still have two dress shirts that require cufflinks. Both of these came with boring cufflinks. I rarely wear them but never thought about getting cool Star Trek cufflinks! Now I'm inspired!


Update from the wedding, yes there were people in jeans but only 4 that I could find. It was a pretty well dressed crowd!