questionswhat is a good place to buy used golf clubs?


This might help. YMMV. Pawn shops are also good places, along with a pro shop at a nearby golf course(probably more expensive there). Craigslist and want ads are also good.


A place like Play it Again Sports


bigger community yard sales. I bought a complete taylor made set last spring for 20 bucks and a USA Kids gold set for my son, with the matching bag for 10 bucks


GolfPro here in Ca, not sure if they have any outside of Ca. They buy and sell used Golf Clubs and have a virtual driving range to test them out.


We'd love for you to visit! We've got more used clubs in stock than any other online store. Some of our stuff comes from customer trade-ins, but we get most of our clubs either directly from manufacturers (including TaylorMade) or from pro shops getting rid of demo clubs. That means a lot of our used clubs are very lightly used.

You probably won't find a $20 set of TaylorMade clubs on our site, but you also won't have to get up early on Saturday to buy from us either. :)

If you're a bargain hunter who doesn't mind doing the legwork to find a killer deal, yard sales, craigslist, or even thrift stores are good places to check locally. But if you have a good idea what you're looking for, I think it would be worth your while to check us out! You can find our used clubs at this page:

Please let me know if I can help you out any more!


Look for a golfsmith or pga superstore in your area. They may be more expensive but you can handle a decent sized inventory of used clubs in person. You can also play around with new clubs. Once you have a good idea of what you want, you can then hit the internet for the best deal.