questionsare you collecting on dvd/blu-ray the shows you…


I'm not. I guess there aren't any shows from my childhood that I'm particularly attached to...


I guess too it all depends on when you grew up... I was big into the Saturday morning cartoons... I would get up Saturday morning, have some captain crunch (destroying the roof of my mouth) and bust out some Legos and watch some Saturday morning cartoons.

Good times


@politicsisevil: "destroying the roof of my mouth" is right! I can't believe that its still fed to children (and people in general).


Some movies i've pruchased from my childhood:

Monster Squad
Project X
North Shore
Gleaming the Cube
One Crazy Summer
White Water Summer


I got the Carol Burnett Show collection on DVD, found a "deal" and ended up with burned dvd copies that are pretty crappy. Kinda wishin' I paid for the real thing. Quality can be everything.


@woothulhu: MONSTER SQUAD!!! i have 4 copies of it... 1 from VHS, 1 transfered from VHS to DVD, 1 is DVD, and now BLU RAY... the blu ray is remastered and looks like it was filmed yesterday...


Funny, I'd been looking for a while for Dungeons & Dragons the cartoon series, but didn't want to pay regular price. Because of this post, I remembered to look it up again, and low and behold it is on sale -- reg $19.98, sale for $6.99. I listed it as a deal. :)


I didn't watch much TV as a small kid. I was out conquering the world. As a teen there were a lot of shows I loved, but looking back at them now most of them seem pretty dated and hokey.


@woothulhu: Mummy came to my house...


Monster stole my twinkie...


The other day I was flipping through netflix and came across the old "Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoon...

As I was watching it I was like wtf why does sonic sound like Urkle...

bust out the iPhone... IMDB App low and behold... Jaleel White played Sonic. Who the hell was casting that show? Looking back on it the casting director should have said " did I do thaaaaaaaat " get it Urkle... too soon?


Of course I'm collecting old shows I watched as a child:

Jonny Quest
Adams Family
Get Smart
The Man from Uncle
Wild Wild West
Gilligan's Island
The Outer Limits
I Dream of Jeannie
McHale's Navy
Rat Patrol
The Prisoner
The Avengers (John Steed, Emma Peel)
The Saint
The Starlost

I've been watching a lot of ME TV and catching up on some others (Batman, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and many western series! Boy, some of the shows are really good and others I used to like are really bad!