questionshow often do you wash your jeans?


I wash mine after every 2-3 days of wearing them, but with rotating through pants, that could be once every 2-3 weeks. Or if I need some filler in the laundry to make a full load. Everything else, shirts, socks, underwear, is one time wear.


There's a sweet spot for laundering jeans, somewhere between that point where they become unnaturally soft... and when they can stand on their own in the corner.


For me, everything is one time wear and then wash. I do laundry every weekend with two loads from the week. It's just the way I've always done it and the same with my parents.


I used to wear them 3 times then wash. I have a 1 year old with ninja-like reflexes - if I'm feeding him something he doesn't want he will swat the spoon, sending baby food all over my shirt, pants, etc. This happens almost daily so I rarely wear my jeans more than once anymore.


As long as my pants pass the sniff test and aren't visibly dirty, I'm golden. Socks, underwear, and shirts need changed regularly though.

Some of this is laziness and some is because I have a lot more things to do around the house after getting divorced. I definitely miss having someone to share the household chores with...


Jeans can typically go several days worth of wearing. I apply this to Hoodies, sweaters, sometimes polos. I typically wear undershirts, so those absorb the sweat.
I'll wear my dress pants twice sometimes, but typically they go right in the laundry basket when I get home.
Socks and underwear is definitely a one time only wear. In fact, if I take off my socks mid day for something, I won't put the same pair back on...


I wear them two or three times, then wash.


@hackman2007: I'm with you on this one, though we do have a few more than two loads. For some reason, not cleaning clothes after one wearing reminds me too much of not bathing.


I drag my jeans behind a boat for a few hours to wash them then hang dry


Jeans and other pants (e.g. Dockers) generally get worn several times before they hit the laundry, though this presumes that they did not get obviously soiled in some manner. Same for the t-shirts that I sleep in. Sweaters, jackets, hoodies, and the like (effectively, outerwear) can be worn many times without being laundered.

Everything else is worn once then laundered,.


I can't find it online, but I actually heard a story about this very topic on the radio a few months back. They talked to guy who was supposed to be a "expert on jeans"
and he said that you should avoid washing them as much as possible and never put them in the washing machine. He said that he spot cleaned his and when they really needed to be washed he soaked them in the bathtub and let them hang dry.


I'm embarrassed to answer.


I will wear my jeans usually around 3 times before washing them, unless I wore them for travel. If I wore them to travel, they get washed after that one wear. I will only wear freshly washed jeans for travel, too. I don't know why, but after a long trip, I always just want to burn my clothes.


Since South Florida weather means shorts 90% of the time, jeans are a luxury item. They get worn for only a couple of hours, except in winter. So, the jeans will get washed once a week, regardless of wear, during the warm part of the year (Mar-Oct) And during the season (Nov-Feb), I wear 2-3 pairs a week. When I was working at the computer company, I wore jeans 5 days a week, and changed every day for presentability. Beats suit and tie...


With my more expensive dark rinse jeans. it's usually after 2-3 wearings, in cold water using laundry soap for dark fabrics, gentle cycle with other jeans, fly zipped & buttoned, and hung dry.
Cheap Walmart Faded Glorys washed after the same amount of wearings & chucked into the dryer on low heat.

BTW, when did jeans go full bore Purdy expensive? My eldest daughter took me into a place called "Buckle" last month. My eyes about rolled back in my head at the prices for some of the jeans that were just "meh" in quality. I've seen Red Engine jeans for women pricing out at over $180. Seriously, for that amount of money there better be angels lifting my backside and sunlit rays from heaven lighting it as well.
I feel so old. I can remember thinking 20 bucks was too much money for a pair of Levis.


If I am just wearing jeans for a normal days activity then 2-4 days if nothing gets them visible dirty. If I wear them doing an activity I sweat a lot, spill something on them or wear them to a very public place (sports game, ride the subway etc) I will wash after even if 1st time wearing.

Around 2 years ago a college student did a study on the effects of bacteria levels not washing jeans. He wore a pair of jeans for 2 weeks and tested the bacteria levels. He then wore a pair of jeans without putting them in the washing machine, but spot cleaning for spills and other tricks such as putting in freezer if they smelled, for 15 months and then tested that pair for bacteria. The bacteria level was the same on both pairs, and did not dramatically change even after washing. There are many articles on it, here is a brief one:

Take it how you want but after seeing the study I no longer had an issue wearing a pair 2 or 3 times before washing.


Once a week... On laundry day everything gets washed... takes about two loads for my clothes and the household laundry. That being said, I probably wear the jeans once or twice during the week, and the casual trousers I wear to work get two or three wearings out of them.

Underwear, socks, and t-shirts get worn only once, and fleeces/sweatshirts can go a month or more.


I have mine dry cleaned and that's not very often.
Because of this, they haven't lost their color (they
were pre-washed) and they last forever.


After every wear. I work hard.... Well, as hard as a Systems Engineer can work. WOO!


What is this 'wash' you speak of?


1 wearing. I can feel the sweat and oil.

I have friends who buy these jeans you're supposed to wear for months at a time w/o washing so it becomes personalized. I couldn't do it.


@lavikinga: I'm completely with you on this. I suppose if I found a pair of jeans that lifted my butt to new heights and made me look like J-Lo or someone equally fit I would cheerfully give up even Wooting to find the money for them, but otherwise I faithfully buy BandolinoBlu jeans for about $15 at Sam's! They fit better than any other jeans I've found (Lee jeans are pretty good, too), come in a variety of shades and lengths, and I can just pick up whatever I need without even trying them on.

And regarding washing my jeans, before I retired (today is officially one month and I have not YET started on any of my post-retirement projects) I only wore them during cold weather (short-lived down in South Louisiana) after I got home from work, so I only washed them about once per week. Since I lost about 25 pounds last year, however, I found that the jeans I could still wear in the larger size required frequent washing to stay on my hips. Good problem to have!


I've stopped washing my jeans and gone to freezing them, after reading up on it. The freezing purportedly kills any bacteria and stink that might occur, without wear and tear on the fabric, shrinking, or losing the "patina" of innocuous dirt.

Overall, they are a lot more comfortable than they used to be and they don't seem to be any more gross than they were to begin with. I used to wash them maybe once a week or so.

I also don't buy very nice jeans (tend to just do Levi's), so it's not a huge issue if they fall apart... and they do.


How they hell do you go multiple days without washing them? They pick up dirt from everywhere!


I grew up in a household where "nice" clothes (which included my one pair of jeans) were taken off as soon as one got home in order to prolong their life; I found that four days of jeans was the limit before they felt gross. Dress pants and cardigans also get worn several times before washing, although short- or long-sleeve shirts usually need to be washed after a full work day of wear.

Hoodies also get worn multiple times: these days, the deciding factor is usually "too much dog hair"! Unless I spill something on them, sweaters usually get washed only in late spring before being put away for six months, although I wear fleece far more often than sweaters these days.

@trekmiss: Me too! Travel clothes, for whatever reason, just feel gross after a day of travel.

@hodakaroadtoad: My empathy; the ability to split chores is perhaps the only thing that I miss about my marriage! I was utterly unprepared for how many hours I spend taking care of the house and other basic things.


Levi's has recommended freezing jeans as @gatzby is doing, in an effort to promote water conservation. Here is another perspective from the smithsonian about that & "critters" in your jeans:


@gatzby: Wow! And that might really help with hot flashes! (What do you mean you thaw them before wearing them? Where's the fun in that?)


@first2summit: You are not alone. I have taken jeans off that I thought were clean because they do not feel clean. (My thought is they got mixed up in the laundry).


With my jeans I wear twice, wash once.


@belyndag: I don't! I've actually, uh, freezer burned a pair or two. They do recommend bagging them in something air tight...


Good question! i wonder this for a long time... For me, about 2 weeks.