questionsdo you have a funny holiday injury story?


Oh no! I'm sorry you hurt yourself! See what happens when you get a Christmas Tree instead of a Holiday Tree!?!? The Politically Correct Powers That Be punish you! jk. But seriously, I'm sorry you're ankle is messed up. I am naturally off-balance and do about 10-15 'balance checks' (like you see in gymnastics on the balance beam) a day. So I have done a balance check into a Christmas tree while attempting to hang decorations. Not wanting to knock over the tree, I angled myself enough so that I hopped on 1 foot a few times, fell over, and hit the couch. I figured a sore leg/hip was better than a knocked over tree and a sore everything. My mother got such a kick out of it, she said I looked ridiculous attempting to balance myself, haha. Some day I'll get my inner ears checked to see if there is a reason I can't keep my balance when standing still.


This is an oldie. When I was a teen, I went with my boyfriend to his church camp in the snowy mountains Christmas week. Everyone was tubing on the steep slope. My guy pumped up our inner tube till it practically floated above the snow. We hauled it up to the very top of the hill, a couple of hundred feet, and then he laid face up in it, and I lay in an X atop him. Off we went. The tube was so inflated we rocketed down the hill, the trees flashing past. We didn't slow down at all when we got to the bottom, but shot into the camp area. We hit a bump that threw me off the tube forward and he ran right over me and kept going another 50 feet or so till he slammed into a building and went flying off like a rag doll. Without pause he leaped up and raced into the building. He turned back up later, red faced. His rear had been skimming the snow through the hole in the tube and it burned off the seat of his jeans and friction burned his butt cheeks. He couldn't sit down for two days.


@kllangellier: You're right. I should have installed my Festivus Pole this year. (facepalm)


We had gone on a family hike in the state park on Thanksgiving, then were going to go to their lodge for holiday dinner. We stopped at a playground at the end of the trail, so the kids could blow off steam. Yes, the same kids that wanted to be carried the last hour of the hike. Five minute warning of last-minute slides. My 3-year-old son takes a face plant right into the metal steps and knocks all his front teeth loose.

There goes Thanksgiving dinner! We ended up having plain soft spaghetti noodles back in the cabin. Wasn't too funny at the time, but we all laugh about it now. And he still has all his teeth, though one is gray.